How to Pray

Asalam waliykum,

Alhamdulillah i composed this section on "How to pray" this is by no means my opinions or anything like that. This is just what i have found and is favoured and most accepted in the Deen by the ummah. If you are new to Islam, or just want to freshen up on your Salah you have come to the right place :D
I am by no means a scholar or Islamic judge although i did wish to be one when i was younger, but that's another story :)

Inshallah you will find it brief and informative and referenced correctly, as i always strongly recommend not to take things at face value and research the area yourself.


What is "Salaaht"

Salaaht/Prayer Constitutes one of the pillars of Islam. Out of the 5 this is considered the 2nd Pilliar of Faith. (Inshallah i will cover the pillars of faith in another section). After we declare our belief in Allah, accepting sincerely to obey his commands and to submit our will to his will, while in a state of Peace then you are considered a Muslim.
Then we can begin to learn to Pray and Alhamdulillah we have been given guidance on how to pray from Allah and also from the prophets of Allah. The Quran along with the hadiths has taught us how to pray correctly and in the best manner.
Firstly, i must mention we pray 5 times a day although this is not explicilty mentioned in the Quran, if you read it. It will be found in the Hadiths and is one of the things Allah taught the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) on the Night Journey (Please look this up for more information).
On this Night Journey the Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon him) was taught how to pray, what prayer consists of, and the frequency.

Fajr prayer: This consists of two units/Rakaa's, before sunrise the general rule is 30-40mins before sunrise (It is not acceptable to delay this prayer or miss it).

Dhuhr prayer: This consists of 4 units/Rakaa's, to be performed at midday.

Asr prayer: This consists of 4 units/Rakaa's, to be performed late afternoon; when the shadow doubles in length.

Maghrib prayer: This consists of 3 untis/Rakaa's, to be performed just after sunset: when the sun has set on the horizon and the sky begins to darken. (There is a small window that this prayer must be performed in just as with Fajr Salaah, for Maghrib its within 15-20mins after sunset. However some scholars say within the hour).

Isha Prayer: This consists of 4 units/Rakaa's, to be performed during the first part to the middle part of the night. (out of the 4 madthabs/schools of though, two agree the cut off point in which to pray Isha is midnight and the other two state its can be performed up until the last part of the night).

Allahu Allam/Allah knows best.

It is very important here to stress if there is no acceptable reason to delay or miss prayer, Salaaht/Prayer MUST be performed on time.

Almighty Allaah Says: "Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense? For that is the one who drives away the orphan. And does not encourage the feeding of the poor. So woe to those who pray. [But] are heedless of their prayer – Those who make show [of their deeds]. And withhold [simple] assistance." [Quran 107: 1-7]

to be continued.......


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