Sunday, 5 August 2012

Here I come Mecca!!

Asalam waliykum sister,

Firstly, So sorry I have not been very successful in getting up the posts I had planned. Preparation for Umrah and Ramadan have really taken over, and I have had little time to do much else such as cooking, painting, and forget the cards. I did not make anything this Ramadan. I promised so many, that I would be sending out cards, so sorry to disappoint you all, I will make it up to you!!

I will be away for over 3 weeks and will be back towards the end of August inshallah. I ask you all to  make dua for my safe journey. Inshallah khier, I am super uber excited to go tomorrow. I have decided to fast tomorrow even though I will be travelling for 16+ hours , the flight from Turkey; where we are stopping over, will offer iftar so Inshallah khier, we will be able to continue fasting.

Please remember me in your duas and inshallah I will keep all my readers from across the world in my duas. Jazakallah khier for your support.

Wasalam -x-

Friday, 3 August 2012

No alcohol and No perfume!!

Asalam waliykum sisters,

As you are all aware of by now, I am off on Umrah. One thing we Muslims know is that while in the state of Ihram/purity that are many do's and Don'ts which I have addressed briefly in a previous post Here!!

One thing that is not permissible while in ihram is to wear perfume, that goes for both men and women. Some may think I only mean perfume that you spray on. Actually I mean any product that contains perfume and scents. Yes, you read correctly no perfume at all.
So from when I do the ritual bath/ghusul I should not use scented products, on my journey also I should not use scented products until I complete all the rights of Umrah. Even after this, women should not use perfume while going to the Masjid Harram the same as visiting any mosque or going outside. However, you can resume to use your normal products such as shampoo, hand wash, etc etc.

That is super tricky for me and for others too, because all the products I use have natural scents. In my old posts I talked about my love of Lush, Well all their products are full of natural scents and guess what I can not use them while in the state of Ihram. That includes my moisturisers, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, cleanser and even deodorant! Now, I am not saying that while in Ihram you have to be stinky and unclean, not at all! But you need to use products which are completely scent free, nada, no scents even artificial perfumes.

Perhaps 10-20 years ago this could of caused a lot of difficulties as brands did not cater to people who required products scent free. So I can imagine many people only able to wash with water. If you are lucky you may of had access to products from Arab countries that are scent free. However, if not that may of meant only washing with water and being unable to control body odour, with no fault of your own.
When I realised the restriction of scents, I to had a moment of horror thinking about not being able to moisturise, smell fresh and wash my hair etc. Alhamdulillah I came across, by total accident, a company that cater to Muslims going on Hajj/umrah. I also tried Google to find other products but usually only one or two items I could find.

El-hajj is the first of its kind, to cater to Muslims making this spiritual journey. You can check out their site Here. Alhamdulillah they have an online store to provide for Muslims all around the world. They are based in Malaysia, Mashallah they have everything there!

Inshallah I hope to do a full review once I have used all the products, so you should expect to see that start of September, Inshallah. They sell everything you need, for a man, I can assure you zawji would get by with shampoo and shower gel and be quiet happy. Me on the other hand is a different story, so Alhamdulillah El-Hajj provide lots of products.

Food, Glorious Food!

Asalam waliykum sisters

Subhanallah already day 15, which means we only have 15 days left. The last 10 days are fast approaching, which are the most blessed in this month of Ramadan.

What is Ramadan for you? Is it the month of Fasting, or the month of Feasting?

Alhamdulillah, we all love food, and we all love to eat. I can say on behalf of most women we all love sweet treats like chocolate. But really is this the right attitude to have? Specifically, is this the right attitude to have in this month, Ramadan? Yes, food is a blessing from Allah and it tastes wonderfully and there is so much variety, but Allah makes it clear in the Quran he dislikes those who are excessive, and that goes for us being excessive with food consumption. This makes me remember the man, from USA years back who won the lottery... with his winnings he bought the comfortable life he always dreamed of. So he sat at home eating, eating and eating and he died of obesity... he was excessive and Allah hates this, it does not benefit you or anyone else.