Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Muslimah now on Instagram!!

Asalam waliykum sisters,

I am now on Instagram! I decided to check out what all the fuss was about. It is a great app. I love to take photos and share my snaps, and instagram makes it effortlessly easy to do that. Also brilliant having the ability to enhance my photos and smarten them up a bit. I do post daily on Instagram! 

Please do check me out there and follow me, find me under the name of Muslimah In Solace. 
Hope to see you all there!! 

Wasalam -x 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What every Muslimah should take to Hajj/Umrah- Tips and Tricks

Asalam waliykum, 

In Sha Aallah, I hope to share with you a few tips and what a Muslimah should take when traveling for Hajj & Umrah. I was blessed to visit Mekkah and Medina and perform Umrah in the blessed month of Ramadan last year. Click Here to see my post on my travels there. 
As the blessed month is less then 20 days away I thought this would be a good time to share my experiences, tips and tricks. 
This will not be an exhaustive list, but just what I thought are vital to carry when in Mekkah or Medina. 

Before my trip, I searched online for tips and ideas for what a Muslimah should take with her. There were a few sites given advice to the brothers but not any for the sisters, that I could find anyway. So I did go a little crazy with the preparation and it took me a few days to decide what would be the key items to pack in my cross body bag. 
So, In sha allah this list will help sisters who are preparing to undertake the pilgrimage either for Ramadan to do Umrah or for Hajj. So lets begin! 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

"Gamboo3as Revolution" Why, and WTFatwa?

Asalam waliykum sisters, 

Today is a rather controversial subject that I have been wanting to blog about for the last year. God knows I will have a few "polite" words sent my way from posting this. But, at the end of the day it is my Blog and I am free to post what I like, and post things which I believe need to be shared. This blog after all is another platform to express myself to the world and If people do not agree I am happy to engage in a rational debate, and exchange ideas and views in a nice calm way. I am the same in real life and do not cowardly hide behind my screen, I have had many conversations on this topic with sisters.
Also, If people wish to be rude and insulting then I do not entertain their comments and views, so please keep any rude comments to yourselves. 

Friday, 7 June 2013

FOOOOD! Amazing Cheese cake

Asalam Waliykum sisters,

A little post this afternoon, I just wanted to share some photos of a dessert my talented Khelty/Aunty made. Sorry this will not be a step by step as it is a secret family recipe as requested by my khelty, sorry.  

Cheese cake is by far, my favourite chilled dessert. This one is scrummy Oreo cookie base, with lemon filling covered in fresh blueberries and Raspberries  The flavours all compliment one another and because of the fresh fruit I felt a whole lot less guilty eating this. 

I just wanted to share this yummy dessert with you.... well just the photos. 

Now in for the Close up....