Friday, 7 June 2013

FOOOOD! Amazing Cheese cake

Asalam Waliykum sisters,

A little post this afternoon, I just wanted to share some photos of a dessert my talented Khelty/Aunty made. Sorry this will not be a step by step as it is a secret family recipe as requested by my khelty, sorry.  

Cheese cake is by far, my favourite chilled dessert. This one is scrummy Oreo cookie base, with lemon filling covered in fresh blueberries and Raspberries  The flavours all compliment one another and because of the fresh fruit I felt a whole lot less guilty eating this. 

I just wanted to share this yummy dessert with you.... well just the photos. 

Now in for the Close up.... 

Inshallah plan on making my own version and will post the recipe for you guys, so you can have a try. 

Wasalam -x- 

p.s I shared the photo above on my Instagram, if you have instagram head on over and add me and check out some of the other cool snaps I have added. 

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