Friday, 3 August 2012

Food, Glorious Food!

Asalam waliykum sisters

Subhanallah already day 15, which means we only have 15 days left. The last 10 days are fast approaching, which are the most blessed in this month of Ramadan.

What is Ramadan for you? Is it the month of Fasting, or the month of Feasting?

Alhamdulillah, we all love food, and we all love to eat. I can say on behalf of most women we all love sweet treats like chocolate. But really is this the right attitude to have? Specifically, is this the right attitude to have in this month, Ramadan? Yes, food is a blessing from Allah and it tastes wonderfully and there is so much variety, but Allah makes it clear in the Quran he dislikes those who are excessive, and that goes for us being excessive with food consumption. This makes me remember the man, from USA years back who won the lottery... with his winnings he bought the comfortable life he always dreamed of. So he sat at home eating, eating and eating and he died of obesity... he was excessive and Allah hates this, it does not benefit you or anyone else.

If like me, during iftar me and zawji both watch Islamic channels usually Islam channel just before we break our fast. Subhanallah all the adverts are about charity, helping the needy, the poor, the orphans etc. The images you see of children with no parents, no food or proper shelter can only bring about that hard feeling in your throat. I sat there and looked at the food Allah blessed us with, the provisions in order to have a proper iftar each and everyday, wishing I could open the screen and allow them to sit with us.

We all need to eat to survive, no one is denying that. However, we need a lot less then we think we need. I actually heard some research stating that we consume enough calories to support another earth!!! Subhanallah. Can you imagine that, we consume enough to support another planet, yet we are unable to help our neighbouring countries where hundreds of thousands are starving and dieing from this. Subhanallah... how does that make you feel? I know it makes me feel pretty frustrated and angry.

So you made it 15 days, with less food. Did you die? Are you still able to function? do you feel better because of this? I know myself, that I am still alive, I can function and I feel a whole lot better.
I am just trying to prove here that fasting is possible, it is good for you and there is wisdom behind it.

let me just show you a story that will illustrate to us the impact of eating and how Shaytan can use this as a means of destroying us:

 'Abdullaah bin Muhammad ibn 'Ubaid reported, on the authority of Wahib bin Al-Ward who said; "It was reported to us that the evil Iblees appeared to Yahya (AS) saying: 'I want to give you some advice.' Yahya answered him: 'Liar, you could never give me sincere advice; but tell me about the children of Aadam.' He replied: 'For us, the children of Aadam are divided into three types:

One type we approach and influence until we make him sin, but then he goes to devote his time in seeking forgiveness and repentance, so he spoils and ruins everything we had achieved from him. We try again, but he still goes to repent again; since we neither fail nor achieve anything from him, we are just patient with him.
The second type is within our hands, like a ball in the hands of the children, we approach them without any difficulty resulting from their wiliness.
The last type is your type; you are protected and infallible, so we are powerless before you.'

Yahya (AS) asked: 'So have you managed to overpower me?'
He replied: 'No, except once, when you were having your meal, I kept on increasing your appetite for it until you ate more than your fill; so you slept that night so heavily that you could not perform salaah the way you used to.'

Yahya (AS) said: 'Certainly, I will not eat to my fill again.'

Iblees replied: 'Certainly, I will not advise an offspring of Aadam after you again.'

(Aakaam al-marjan (212))

If this is the effect of eating on the Prophet of Allah, then what can we take from this? How is it effecting us normal people??!!

Subhanallah, even the porphet Muhammed (PBUH) said to eat and drink little, in more detail he states to fill your stomach only 2/3rds and to allow 1/3rd empty for air. How many of us can honestly say we do this daily or even in Ramadan? We fill our bellies so much that we are unable to move, let alone breath!

We should be moderate, let Ramadan be a time to help us learn good eating habits and carry this on after Ramadan. For iftar try and reduce your portions, and the choice of food. All we really need is water, dates, and some fresh fruit to suffice. Do we really need to make every dish that we ever made and place it in front of us, only to allow our eyes to be the driving force for our hunger.

Just a last reminder, that both Shiekh Abu hanifa and Dr Shiekh Muhammed Salah recently said in lectures, not all the shiytans are locked up this Ramadan, so some still are affected by the whispering of Shiytan.

Be simple, humble in all aspects of your life even when eating. Here is a Ramadan reminder from Productive Muslim team, Ramadan is not an eating contest!!

If you benefited from this post and reminder then please do share with others so they too can benefit from it. In this blessed month make dua for the one who shared it, and wrote it (me).

Jazakallah khier


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