Sunday, 5 August 2012

Here I come Mecca!!

Asalam waliykum sister,

Firstly, So sorry I have not been very successful in getting up the posts I had planned. Preparation for Umrah and Ramadan have really taken over, and I have had little time to do much else such as cooking, painting, and forget the cards. I did not make anything this Ramadan. I promised so many, that I would be sending out cards, so sorry to disappoint you all, I will make it up to you!!

I will be away for over 3 weeks and will be back towards the end of August inshallah. I ask you all to  make dua for my safe journey. Inshallah khier, I am super uber excited to go tomorrow. I have decided to fast tomorrow even though I will be travelling for 16+ hours , the flight from Turkey; where we are stopping over, will offer iftar so Inshallah khier, we will be able to continue fasting.

Please remember me in your duas and inshallah I will keep all my readers from across the world in my duas. Jazakallah khier for your support.

Wasalam -x-


  1. Asalam waliykum, Ameen.
    Allah bareek feek sister.

    I had a wonderful trip, benificial and insightful and life changing :)

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