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Lush Haul- November Edition

Asalam Waliykum, 

Haven't raved about Lush in a while, and recently received a Large order of my favorite products. Thought I would share with you guys and also turn this into a recommendation type of post and another shout out to the company. They never cease to impress me. I have a few reviews up on the blog already so do check those out to, HereHere and Here oh and one more Here! 

One reason why I love Lush, and I'm not sure if I made this clear from the start, but  they are ethical and not some blood sucking super power company such as the likes of Unilever, Sara lee, Nestle, Danone, Este Lauder, Disney, L'oreal, Starbucks, Intel, M&S, Johnson & Johnson, Mc'D  etc, etc that dominate the shelves in most shops. Why do I have a problem with these blood sucking giants, well most are proud supporters of Zionism and IsraHell and are supporting zionists causes and charities, this information is readily available online you only need to investigate and you will see for yourselves.  I believe that  boycotting is an effective way to get the message across especially as Muslimahs,  women are the main consumers of beauty products. We can make an impact if we stop being so lazy and start shopping ethically. Small changes in our shopping habits make a difference. Just look at the back of your products and you will see who the 'mother' company is, you will find if you search long enough you can trace all products back to 6 major companies some are listed above. 

Anyway, with that rant over and onto the Lush goodies I purchased this Month. 

Lush always package their items in such a cute way, with attention to detail even on the cardboard box, which may I add is recycled and they encourage you to further recycle by popping it into your recycle bin or into the compost pile. 

Huge box for a few items, but they really showed care by filling the box full of these Styrofoam worms, not sure if that is what they are called.  Just the thing I needed, I have some Moroccan leather pouffes that need stuffing and this would be the perfect material for them. 

In total got 8 items, 7 I have used before. These are firm favorites of mine. Dirty Spring wash is similar to Freeze but more masculine so I got that as a present for my dad, it is a two in one like freeze for hair and body and great for the winter. Very minty fresh and invigorating a great way to start the day.

Fair Trade Honey is my fav' shampoo, it smells like honey and extremely thick like honey too. A little goes a long way. I reviewed this item previously and I recommend this product for sisters with thick and curly hair.  Honey is great for the scalp and hair and has so many benefits. Check out an older post HERE!!

Flying Fox is a two in one body and hair gel, second time I have purchased this. It's full of goodies and great for women especially during that wonderful time of the month, such ingredients which are good for us ladies is Burdock and Jasmine, not to mention again the main ingredient in Flying Fox is honey. I love the scent of this but I know it may be a bit of a hit and miss for some others from what I have read online. Again it has a thick consistency and a little goes a long way. Both the fair trade and Flying fox are 250g bottles medium size, and do last a long time. One of these bottles will last around 6/8 weeks. I feel it is a great investment and you do get your moneys worth.
Ocean Salt face and body scrub, is too harsh for the face, even though it says it is suitable. But if you have sensitive skin like me then it will be too exfoliating. I tend to use this for body only, and does a good job at exfoliating and the sea salt is a great product for the body and even a sunnah to bathe in. It also smells amazing, I can describe it as being very fresh and sea like and very uplifting. 

I stopped using normal deodorants and opted for more natural products over 6 months ago, as I wasn't getting on with any shop bought product. I found they irritated my skin, felt unnatural, caused inflammation of the lymph nodes and also harmful to the environment, and again I found 90% of those in the drugstores (superdrug and Boots etc) to be unethical. 

I received a sample back in March this year of the Aromaco I was given a 2 x 2 inch cube that lasted me for a good 3 months. I also found that I only needed to use this once a day. Initially your body will "freak out" and you may notice you start to sweat more for the first 2/3 weeks. But your body gets used to it and adjusts to it. Alhamdulillah I got on well with the Aromaco bar, it contains witch hazel and vinegar both of which are bacteria fighting and the vinegar is a natural skin lightener another added bonus, and it has patchouli oil great moisturizer that has a lovely natural scent that lasts all day.  I got the 100g bar which will last me months and months and is a great price, the only negative thing I can say about this product is that due to it being natural it will dry out so be sure to store in an air tight container to keep it fresh!

The Greeench is another deodorant, in powder form and to summarise the smell very fresh and hippy like, it contains lots of herbs such as rosemary and even Icelandic moss. Tea tree oil is also added which is great at fighting bacteria and keeps you fresh and smelling great. I like to use this on top of Aromaco on hotter days as it is great at keeping you dry. the application is a bit messy, just tap a little onto your under arm area and with a dry hand pat into the skin. 

Something to look out for each product has a sticker on to show when it was made and who made it. If you peel these off underneath there are these silly little messages, some are funny and some are a little inappropriate so remove with caution I must warn you on that. Plus, I don't like to have images anywhere in my home, and especially not peoples faces in the shower... no way!  

The last item I received is by far my favorite from Lush, has an awful name... Caca rouge. I just call it Red Henna. Comes in a block of 6 and unfortunately they do not give out samples. You have to just take a chance and buy the whole thing. It is rather pricey at £7, but as a once a month treat it works out to be worth it.  Not to mention the added benefit of it being 100% natural you wont be dying your hair with nasty chemicals.
I have used henna on my hair for years, and even as a baby my mother used to henna my hair so I am very used to the process of it all. 

When you purchase online you receive the henna and the Aromaco in this plastic wrap, but I was surprised to find out that the wrapping is made of 100% cellulose, 100% biodegradable. So yes the products in Lush are a little pricey but they are ethical and environmentally conscious company so the extra cost goes to these sorts of ideas. Perhaps it is edible too?? Just joking. But they do suggest to throw it into the compost heap or into the recycle bin. After finding out all this I love Lush even more!

Back to the henna, they come in 4 different shades, Red, Brown, black/indigo and indigo Red. I love the Red. I tried the Indigo and as I have dark hair already did not do much for me. I prefer the Red henna as it gives a lovely Red undertone to my hair especially in the sunlight. The Red henna bar is packed full of Henna, Persian henna to be exact that has the best Red tones, Moroccan Henna is more orange. It also contains coco butter, lemon, rosemary and clove bud all of which help nourish the hair and help the colour develop once in the hair.

Some may find they only need 1/2 blocks all depends on your hair length, thickness, and colour. I need to use 4/5 blocks at one time. The results are amazing, for me and many others I read about. Apart from the colour pay off, your hair is left feeling much stronger, thicker and softer. It also helps reduce the appearance of split ends. In sha Allah in my next post I will do a "how to" with this henna with a step by step and any tips I have I will share with you. But this has to be one of my absolute firm favorites from Lush and I will continue to buy this product. I highly recommend to you sisters wanting to go natural and want your hair dye to do some good to your hair rather then destroying it.

All prices and full list of ingredients can be found on the Lush website, click HERE for more details and further information.

Jazka Allah khier, I hope you enjoyed this post, and you learnt a little more about this amazing company. Do check them out. If you pop in store you are able to get samples of most products so give them a try and let me know what you think and what your favorites are. 
Feel free to share this post on your blog or other social media.

wasalam -x- 

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  1. I love lush! Excited about going soon X


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