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Product Review- Little Aila

Asalam Waliykum my beautiful readers, 

Firstly so sorry for my long absence, life has gotten busy for me. I have a list of lovely posts coming up over the weekend and next week In Sha Allah. So without further delay this first post is a review of a company I have known for a good 2/3 years.

Little Aila, a cute little Hijab boutique online, selling wonderful hijabs and accessories. Previously I had bought scarves and received little bow rings as a free gift. I had received a wonderful service from the sister who owns the company and I am still using the hijabs i purchased back then. I recently placed another order this time for Some Ali baba pants/trousers. 

Here is a little bit about the company:

Little Aila....We Inspire You Desire♥

Little Aila is a quirky & chique fashion label that

 specializes in High-Fashion Jewellery, Scarfs 

and Accessories.

This is the link to the store on Facebook LittleAlia. She used to have a online store, but I believe she is now closing down her store. So everything is on sale and going fast!

Alhamdulillah I managed to purchase 5 Ali Baba pants, and I was so gutted. I was stupid to buy them from Pearl daisy last year, who charges an arm and a leg for the exact same thing!! If you don't believe me check out my previous post when I received the products I got from Pearl daisy HERE!!!. I am really shocked how Amina from pearl daisy can charge such an amount for the exact same product! I got the Pearl Daisy ones for £19 last year and the Little Alia for £5 on sale about a month ago. You do the math... I just want to say as Muslims we are allowed to make a profit, BUT it must be reasonable and fair, not ripping people off and robbing them blind. My advice shop elsewhere before forking out your hard earned cash, you can often find the exact same thing with a better service, cheaper and better quality. And this has been my own experience. If I had to compare the two companies I received a more personalised and friendly service from Little Aila.  

Anyway with that rant out the way, on to the trousers I got. I purchased 5 one Brown, two grey and two navy. I love to wear these around the house, modest and comfy and cool to wear in the warmer months and the extra ones are gifts. 

They are made of a heavy Lycra Jersey material and are completely opaque. Has elasticated Cuffs at the bottom and a wide elasticated band at the top. I find the sizes generous and modest and are suitable for women who are small to large. 

The elastic waist is very comfortable, which is unusual for elasticated waists on trousers or skirts, so thumbs up on that. 

The colours are lovely and vibrant, I have had no problems with colour transfer so far. They wash well and dry pretty quick too. They don't tend to crease, and so are practical to wear everyday. 

Other things that the sister sells, are Jewelry, accessories, Hijabs, and clothing. I believe at the moment she is sold out of the Ali Babas but has many hijabs left some as cheap as £2.50. So do check her out.  

It is sad to see the sister close the store as it is a place I would love to buy my hijabs from in the future, as I said before I still wear my jersey bobble hijabs that I got in 2012 and they are great quality and affordable. It seems there are more money making companies making it big and they charge silly amounts for the hijabs they sell and are very impersonal and can learn a thing or two from these smaller companies.

Jazaka Allah khier for reading, please do check out the Facebook page to see what treats are on sale.

Wasalam -x- 

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  1. Walaikum salam sister, JazakAllah kheir for the recommendation. I would highly recommend 'Heart Hijab' for cheap scarves in the future, good quality and excellent service masha'Allah. I agree about PD being a bit too pricey so never ordered from them, looking forward to your next post in'sha'Allah, your sister in Islam


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