Sunday, 24 February 2013

Hijab Pin Storage

Asalam waliykum sisters, 

If you are a muslimah who wears hijab, I am sure you have experimented with different ways to store your pins. There are so many ways to store your pins and I wanted to share with you how I store mine and the most practical way for me. 

I am totally organised with everything in my home, and everything has its own place. My hijabs are organised and live in a specified place and the same with my pins. I had great difficulty at the start and just kept my pins in little a jewellery box. It was a total pain in the neck, and I had many injuries this way. 

I had a look online and came across different ways to store pins, and the best solution was using some sort of pin cushion. Below are photos of my pin storage methods:

A present for graduation from mama. This was the first way I used to store my pins etc and it was a total mess. Now I just keep any spare pins I have here.

This was the first pin cushion I had, from zawji. It was tiny so couldn't store many pins on here. Now I use it when I travel. I think its meant to be a plum/cherry not sure. But its cute and dinky and does the job.

This is my new pin storage cushion thingy. I got this from Debenhams on sale for £4.50 3 weeks ago. I was not looking for one but came across it while hunting for bargains. It is perfect for my needs, is very large, has enough room on top to store all the pins I have. The top padded cushion is thick and as you can see, stores my extra long pins perfectly.

Plus, an added bonus the inside compartment is very spacious and I keep all my brooches and no snag hijab pins. It looks super cute too, and keeps all my pins tidy and presentable, plus it is really easy to see what pins I have now.

Here are some images I found online of different storage solutions for pins, perhaps they can inspire you and help you find an easier way to store your pins.

This is really cute, I love the design and would make a perfect travel pin cushion

Again perfect size to take when traveling. Very unique and cute design.

This is how i used to keep the pins, found it was too fussy to place them back into the wheel when I was in a rush. So they ended up everywhere. Plus it is not very secure and they can slip out and there will be an accident waiting to happen.

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This is a really nice way to store pins, have a few of these and you can colour coordinate your pins and keep them on separate cushions. They look really decorative to.

This is a great way to store all your pins in one place and is super organised. However, I am not too keen on it as I think it doesn't look as presentable compared to the one I have now. Although, it is easy to carry and travel with.

Please do share with me how you store your pins and brooches. And let me know what you think of the above ways.
Jazakallah khier

Wasalam -x-


  1. Great ideas! I got fed up of keeping them on the wheel too and so I switched to a pin cushion fixed in place inside a jar. eventually I'd like a metal jar so that I can attach my pinjabs to it too. Sarita x

  2. Thanks sis!
    Yeah the pin cushion is the best invention ever lol.
    That's an interesting idea... I would love to see that.
    My mum uses a huge round magnet. But it has a strong magnetism and so its hard to take them off when she needs them :D
    wasalam -x-

  3. Salamu aleikoum sister, All great ideas! Never would have come to me to think about pin storage, but it's true I end up finding them everywhere. I'm going to use these tips! BarakAllahu fiki

  4. Waliykum asalam.

    Nor did I until my parents started to find them all over the house and had a feel incidents *ouch!*.
    There are so many different ways you should experiment and see which one works best for your needs :D

    Aw your welcome sis.

    Wasalam -x-


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