Wednesday, 2 October 2013

(3) Quilled Handmade Greeting Cards- Baby Feet!

Asalam Waliykum, 

I am back after what seems a long time, with more of my cards, Yes! still with the baby theme. Lots and lots of tiny, ickle, cute baby feet! I have seen this design the quilled baby feet a lot online. So here is my version, and I redesigned the card to match the quilled feet. This has to be my favourite design. Very tricky to master the technique and getting the perfect shape consistently each time. Lots and lots of practice and managed to get some perfect little feet on my hands!

Again, I loved the font I used previously on my Pram cards that I made click Here to view that design. I wanted to keep the background neutral so that the little feet are the centre piece and really stands out. No colourful patterned paper here at all as I like the simplicity of it how it is. I may experiment with polka dots next time, hmm not sure.  

First time trying to get a consistent shape for the feet and for the mounted card for the font. So not quite up to scratch but a huge improvement form my last attempt and still shows these cards 100% handmade. I am hoping to purchase an Embossing and Die machine combo, a little pricey at the moment, so will have to save up for that one. Once I get that I can achieve professional finishes and super clean cuts, to the cards. 
Anyway, back to the cards made blue for boys and of course pink!!

I got my hands on some good quality Cream card stock from Amazon, the cheapest I could find, has a beautiful and clean finishe and I am able to print on it so not to thick for the good old printer. I like the font, but what you guys think? Is it suitable for a Congrats, and baby cards like this?

This is a design I really hope to sell once I get my business up and running, they are popular amongst friends and family and many liked this on Instagram too. Ooh that reminds me, if you are not already following me on Instagram do check out my profile on there, and also on Facebook. Both are under Muslimah in Solace. 

Jazaka Allah kheir for reading, Hope you like the design, do let me know what you think below. And feel free to share this post, and re-post! 

Wasalam -x- 

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  1. Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem
    Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmathullah wa barakatuhu
    I hope that you have every success when you set up your business insha'Allah as these cards are delightful


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