Monday, 23 September 2013

Company Feature: Emoshe Boutique

Asalam Waliykum, 

One thing I want to do more of on my blog is interviewing and promoting Muslim women who are getting started in the business world. I think it is very important to show support to sisters and give our customs to them. I personally only buy hijabs and clothing from Islamic stores online, when possible. People often have worries about quality, and security but most companies allow customers to review items and blog about it, record a YT video and reccomend through other social media. So good stores are always recommended and well reviewed.  

One of these companies is the delightful Emoshe Boutique, a company owned by the lovely Sister Sana.

"Emoshe Boutique - purposely small on-line boutique where you can find hijabs, scarves,

handmade accessories, home ware & cute baby gifts. All made with love."

I first came across sister Sana on You tube when she had recently started to post videos on

Islam, her reversion to Islam and some hijab tutorials. Now she posts videos on many other 

things like DIY, hijab and cooking tutorials, Vlogs and much more. I approached her recently 

after speaking to her about her business and plans, I though it would be a good idea to conduct

a mini interview and share with my readers the Boutique and introduce you to sister Sana. 

Me: What Inspired you to sell your products, the scarves and mini gifts?

Sana: This has always been my dream and only by the grace of Allah, and encouragement from my husband this has all happened. I added scarves to my shop since I'm a hijabi now and loads of girls were complimenting my choice. I don't sell anything I would not wear myself. 

Me: Do you have an art or design background?

Sana: I was very good at Home economics and Art in school. I always was creative since I can remember, as for the education I just have Media Production and Marketing Background. 

Me: Who has inspired you, any other people who have motivated you to start your business?

Sana: I was really inspired by Zukreet, Artist of Makeup. She is so talented and determined Masha Allah. She is a great example for us Muslim women to reach our for our dreams, it is possible to be a good mother, wife and a believer. 

Me: Who is the company aimed at? what niche? 

Sana: The company is aimed at women who love not ordinary, off the stream products. My items are handmade and made with loads of love for those who love themselves and their little ones. 

Me: What are your future plans for Emoshe Boutique?

Sana: Insha Allah it will grow bigger, but not too big where I can't be personal anymore. That is the main most important thing for me. 

Sister Sana has her own website, I have linked at the start, she sells all her products on here. You can view her items for sale on her Instagram, Facebook and her blog, and often she shows some of her items on You Tube. 

Here are some goodies from Emoshe Boutique, lots of different items that are cute and quirky. I never seen such cute hangers in my life.

Lovely hijabs, that are great for everyday casual and evening wear good quality and at a affordable price.

Cute head bands for little girls, all handmade. Sister Sana often shows her daughter wearing these headbands so you can see them on the little model and how they look. She also has photos on Instagram and on YouTube.


Below are a list of media to see sister Sana's boutique. She is very good at responding to messages on Facebook, instagram and You Tube. More details of her boutique can be found on her blog and Facebook. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, Jazaka Allah khier for reading. Do share this post among friends and also on your social media. Help support this sister, she is such a sweet Muslimah Masha Allah and very hard working. Go check out her online store.

Wasalam -x-


  1. Lovely article.
    The sisters sells cute stuff.


  2. @Myownfairytale.

    Thank you sister. I really want to help my sisters out and get their business seen by many more! Yes her items are very cute and unique and a good place to buy gifts from. Very original.

  3. This is nice. I really think she has some unique hand-made items.


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