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DIY: Henna your Hair at Home Lush, Lush!

Asalam Waliykum Sisters,

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments and support. I really appreciate it and glad to see my posts are beneficial to many of you. I do read every message and do my utmost best to reply when I can.
On with the post! I wanted to create a detailed guide and step by step of how to achieve Red hair at home using Henna. Which I had promised you oh so many months ago! Anyway...In particular Henna from Lush. So keep on reading for lots of tips and tricks...

If you are reading this sisters, then perhaps you are thinking of changing up your hair colour but not wanting to head down the route of chemical dyes, or perhaps you have tried them and they weren't for you. Regardless, you have come to the right lady! I have been dying my hair for many years. Even as a kiddo my mother would henna my hair, even as young as 2 or 3 years old, I look back at photos at my burgundy short mane and often wonder what my natural hair colour really is. So for as long as I can remember Henna has been a part of my beauty regime and I love it. 
Before we get started there are some things you do need to know, perhaps you know these points already, but for those who don't please read before you try hennaing!

Preliminary notes:

  • Hennaing takes some time. Yes HOURS, lots and lots of time. The preparation and applying and then waiting then washing off takes a good few hours. And for a beginner maybe even longer. So If you are going to henna, be sure to give yourself a good few hours. Perhaps on a weekend when you have more time and make a pampering day out of it do your hair, do a facial and even do an at home Moroccan Hammam session, I did a post on this a while back, check it out  HERE!!
  • Be sure to do a strand test before hand, especially for those sisters with light brown and fair hair. Do a small sample on a few strands at the back of the head. If you go to lush they may give you a tiny sample to try if you ask nicely.
  • You don't have to use Lush henna, I never used to before. I often used the powder form from Morocco. But Lush henna has 4 different shades for you to chose from so you get an idea of the finished result and I like the idea of having that ease and an option too. Whereas if you buy powder there are different grades of henna, from different crops and countries so you will never be certain of the outcome. Lush Henna is packed full of goodies and essential oils and they use the finest henna from the best crops in Iran. And Iranian henna is a much darker red then henna from Asia or North Africa, so you can rest assure you are buying a 100% natural and great quality product.
  • Just because the henna looks a certain way on one person doesn't mean it will look the same on you. Henna is natural and it adjusts to the natural tones and shades in each strand of hair. So it is unique to you.
  • It is safe to use on hair that is chemically treated or chemically dyed. Henna will only push the remaining dye into the shaft further, actually prolonging the colour. You can also use henna in conjunction with chemical dyes.
  • If you have dark hair you may not notice a HUGE difference, sometimes it is so subtle that it may only appear when in direct sunlight, you will get a glance of the radiant red or burgundy or dark cherry colour. 
  •  You can use henna to colour and also to nourish your hair. So even if you have black or deep dark brown hair you can still henna your hair to reap the goodness and benefits of it. Henna coats the strands with protein, making your hair feel thicker and stronger and shiny too. That is why people in some parts of Africa use it on their feet!
  • Henna is semi permanent so you can not wash out the colour. It is a stain. So yes it stains the hair and the only way it will "come off" is with time, each time you wash your hair it will fade slightly and also as your hair grows your natural colour will show from the root. You can always choose another shade of henna if you are not happy with the results. But that is why it is important you do a strand test first!
  • Henna can be used on everyone and anyone. Safe on all ages, I was 2/3 years old when my hair was henned and I know my grandmother still likes to henna now and then too. Also every type of hair can try henna. I know sisters with afros love using henna and sisters with super fine hair like that it gives extra volume and thickness.
  • Lush Henna is 100% vegan and natural no synthetics or nasty chemicals. For a full list of ingredients check out the Lush site or your local store.
  • Henna creates multidimensional tones and doesn't tend to apply the colour evenly some hair stains more then other hair. So if you want an all over even colour then henna may not be for you. But if you like your hair to be multi-tonal and have varying strength of colour throughout then please do try henna. 
 What you need:

  • Dirty hair! Yes you read correctly. The dirtier the hair the better the result. Try to use henna on hair that is 2-4 days unwashed. Also it makes sense to apply just before you would normally wash your hair. I wouldn't be happy washing my hair twice in one day! But maybe that is just me. But apparently the henna binds to the hair better as you have more natural oils in the hair.  

  •  The Henna of your choice I use Rouge Henna from Lush. The required amount you will need. Generally Short hair needs one or two cubes, medium to shoulder length needs three to four and long haired ladies you need the whole thing especially if you have thick hair. For touch ups of the roots a week or two later (optional) you will only need a small amount so one cube should be sufficient. 

  •  A wide tooth comb. Using this type of comb is more gentle on the hair and wont rip or break the strands. I recommend you use this prior to applying henna and after you wash it out when using conditioner. 

  • Some sort of petroleum jelly. I prefer to use the one above. It does cost a bit more then the usual stuff but it is petroleum free. There has been recent research suggesting that petroleum can be toxic once absorbed into the skin. It can build up in the skin and other organs and cause harm. So yeah... I prefer to stay clear of the likes of Vasline and other types of jelly. You can make your own at home, or use one similar to the one above or use butter? 

  • Have at hand a few elastic bands, it is optional again it depends on the thickness and length of your hair but keep 2/3 handy to help tie up sections of hennaed hair as you go along. Or to secure at the very end to keep it in place. 

  • A heat proof bowl, hot water and optional: honey/argan oil/lemon juice or anything else you want to add. a metal spoon to mix the henna.
  • cling Film optional you need this at the end, if you want deeper red tones you need to prevent oxidation. But if you want browner sort of  orange tones then keep hair uncovered or with a old towel/hijab on top.
  • Rubber gloves. One pair should be enough but keep two on stand by if you are a beginner. 
  • Lush provide you with a quick step by step guide and free gloves!! 
  • Lastly a few hours to yourself, or you can even get a friend to help you which will be much quicker and easier plus you will have someone to chat with.

Step by Step: 
  1. Wear an old Tshirt or have an old towel/robe that you don't mind getting henna on.
  2. You can melt the henna in two ways. Firstly you can chop the henna into small cubes and smaller chunks and add to a bain-marie, heat resistant bowl over a saucepan and slowly melt the henna adding boiling water to just about cover the henna. But add a little at a time it is better to have  thick consistency then a very watery one. Or you can grate the henna with a cheese grater into the bowel and then add water. It is hard work but I find the henna is a lot smoother and silky when I do it this way.
    The hot water will melt the cocoa butter in the henna, stir every now and then to smooth out any lumps. You want the consistency to be a little thicker then double cream. So add water if needed. You can also add your additional ingredients
     now such as Lemon juice, Any type of oil such as Olive, Argan or castor etc. The hotter the henna the better, Colour is released with increased temperature. Once you get a thick cream consistency that slowly ribbons off the spoon back into the bowl you have the perfect consistency. Set a side of the time being.
  3. Apply liberally your jelly or butter to the hair line, ears and back of the neck to prevent henna from staining those areas. I only apply to the forehead as that is the only part people see on a day to day basis.
  4. Make sure you apply the henna in the bathroom, have a mirror near by. Brush you hair through and separate into medium sized sections. It is best to start to henna from the back of the head and work forwards to the front.
  5. You can also tip your head over the bath tub and so any mess goes into the tub. But this can be uncomfortable so do be careful.
  6. wear your gloves, make sure sections are separated you can us the ties or even clips to separate each section. Start to apply the hot/warm henna to the back of the head from the roots, If you have long hair then apply 1/3 of the way of the hair and leave the ends till the end. Work through each section smoothing and working the henna into the root then smoothing out onto the rest of the hair. When you reached the front then stand up and apply lots of henna to the tips and ends of your hair.
  7. Roll the hair into a bun and secure with an elastic band, or roll to the very top of the hair and smooth out the henna to set the hair on top so it stays in place (I do this).
  8. Remove gloves, and wrap your head in cling film or with a towel. Now use a damp cloth or cotton pads to remove the butter/jelly and any henna that may of got on you with hot soapy water.
  9. Keep your head warm, so wrap a towel or hijab over the head and leave for as long as possible minimum 2 hours but I like to leave mine on my head for around 6 hours.
  10. After that time remove the towel and cling film and wash you hair with a gentle shampoo once or twice and if any henna left use conditioner, rinse and repeat until the water runs clear. And this is where the comb will come in handy. I usually use the conditioner 4/5 times just on the ends not all over, to get rid of all traces of any henna. Keep your hair warm, wrap in a towel and the colour will then start to oxidize and deepen for the next 48 hours.
  11. Lastly, a warning to everyone Henna does smell like leaves and earth it is natural after all. And for the first few days and the first couple of washes it will smell that way if you do not like it, I personally love it, so hippy chick and natural, but if not then you can get some lavender oil and mix with water, or any nicely scented oil, or rose water and if you have a spray bottle that is empty fill it with the mixture and spray liberally over the hair and head to lessen the smell of henna once your hair is dry and reapply often as you wish. 

Henna staining power depends on a few things, exposure to sunlight and how often you wash your hair. My henna lasts a good 6 weeks before the colour starts to fade and roots really come through. So apply as often as you like, I try to do it every 6 weeks. It is great for covering grey hair and is safe for your hair and is natural and will add a lot of dimension to the hair.
If you need anymore tips feel free to comment below or email me at, you can find me on facebook link is to the right and on instagram too.

Jazaka Allah khier for reading. I hope this has helped you out and answered any questions you may have. 

Wasalam -x- 


  1. Salam sister thank you for that informative post. I have been considering using henna to dye my roots, but was a little sceptical about coverage of grey hair, however, after reading your post I really want to give henna a go. I love the fact that its all natural.
    JZK Asma.

    1. Salam Asma. Jazaka Allah khier, Glad you found it useful. Yes I use it for my roots too. I usually henna once every 5-6 weeks and in between I may touch up with one cube at the front. It does cover them! I know!! Yay, I am glad you will try it. Do let me know how it turns out.
      Wasalam -x-

  2. salam sister. i was wondering if im wearing henna from lush, does it halal to my prayer(shalat).

  3. sis just want to know where u bought this product from?? n is it safe to use ?? u cn drop the email at

  4. nice blog
    thanks for sharing information.
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  5. Thankyouu!!! This has been very helpful sister. Much appreciated :)


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