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Modern Day Traps- Sisters On the Go or Stay at Home?

Asalam Waliykum,

I haven't posted a more Islam related post on the blog in a while. Today I want to discuss and present to you the topic of Sisters traveling and leaving the home. This is a topic I myself have struggled with, and continue to do so even now. So, by writing this I hope it will not only help you, but also myself. In Sha Allah Khier. So please read on....

I wish to make this into a discussion and have you sisters (and even non Muslims) interact with me, and all views are welcome. I would like to know how everyone feels on this matter and what aspects have been a struggle for you. No one is perfect and we are all trying to perfect our deen, I myself struggle each day and everyone has a particular fitna which I guess you can call it kryptonite for each of us.

Back to the post, we are given many examples some from the Quran and some hadiths on the matter of women traveling with/without a mahram. The best examples for us are the mothers of the believers, the wives of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). When ever we seek clarity on any issue we should look to the best examples we have in the ummah. Firstly Allah makes matters extremely clear in the Quran,
Allaah تعالى says:
﴿وَقَرْنَ فِي بُيُوتِكُنَّ وَلَا تَبَرَّجْنَ تَبَرُّجَ الْجَاهِلِيَّةِ الْأُولَىٰ﴾
{And stay in your houses (O wives of the Prophet), and do not display yourselves like that of the times of ignorance…} [Surah al-Ahzaab (33): 33]
Imaam al-Qurtubee رحمه الله mentioned in his Tafseer:

It was said to Umm al-Mu’mineen, Sawdah رضي الله عنها: “Why do you not go for Hajj or make `Umrah like the way your sisters do?” She said: “I have already performed Hajj and `Umrah, and Allaah تعالى has commanded me that I should stay inside my house.”

The sub-narrator said: “By Allaah! She did not go out of her house except when her Janaazah (funeral) was taken out.” Allaah be pleased with her. [al-Jaami` li Ahkaam al-Qur’aan (14/180-181)]

I know there are sisters who will try refute these evidences and may give examples of women in the time of the Prophet SAW going to battle, and being scholars etc, all of which are very true. But may I add that the women who entered into battle and helped with the injured had no choice. The Muslim population was small at the time, all the men who were fit and able were in battle, many died and were injured so there was a necessity for the women to help. And we can give examples from our time when it is necessary for women to be out and helping themselves and their families. When a woman must seek her provision, she has no wali, or her wali is unable to work and support her. Then she must go out and seek provision and not turn to begging. As Muslims we are told the upper hand is better then the lower hand.

Yes, this particular verse of the Quran was for the wives for the Prophet SAW, and I know many will say "well it doesn't apply to me". Wrong, it does apply to us, they are our mothers, they are our role models, they sacrificed and strived to help propagate Islam so that we can be Muslim today. When we have role models we imitate them, is that not correct? You see the youth imitate their favorite singer, actors or whoever, and then dress, style, speak, and behave in that way, etc. So why would it be any different to imitate the mothers of the believers who are among the best of Allah's creation, to adopt the best characteristics and behaviour of these blessed women?...

Al-Bukhaari (1729) and Muslim (2391) narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) said:
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “No woman should travel except with a mahram.”
All scholars have agreed that anything referred to as travel, then women are forbidden to do so without accompanying mahram/male relative. There are exceptions, one is if a lady wishes to perform Hajj, BUT I must stress she must seek individual Fatwa from a reputable Sheikh and not take it upon herself to say it is ok.

From all the evidence I have read, I can conclude that in general women should stay at home, If you have a dire need to leave the home, to seek employment or buy your personal things then all sheikhs say this is permissible. But to travel for leisure alone and to spend your weekends at the mall, shopping or at the park without a mahram is not allowed. Also to move around ones city/town does not fall into the context of travel. Travel would be moving from one city to another, or one town to another town, or one village to another etc.

For me, this has been a struggle. I wasn't as practicing before and would travel great distances alone, I was used to it coming and going as I please. But I do appreciate the dangers involved and why we should not play games with Islamic law, and Allah knows what is best for us. Whenever I travel with a mahram I have never had any issues, I always feel safe. However, the same can not be said when I travel alone, I have felt threatened and been exposed to so much fitna, racial abuse and other things. So there is wisdom behind everything Allah has made impermissible for us. All the attacks on sisters I have heard that has happened around the UK in recent years, the sisters were alone with no male relative, some had kids with them, but no Wali/Guardian. I think that shows us how important it is, I do appreciate that it is at times impractical. You have to make sure the time you go out is suitable for you and your guardian and that can be a real challenge. But Alhamdulillah, if you stay persistent and have sabr it gets better and I have found that to be true for myself. If there is no need to go out, yes it is BETTER for us to stay in our homes.

I think we need to remind ourselves often that it is easier to take the easy way out, to sin, easier to disobey Allah and Jahanam is easier to enter. Whereas, striving for Jannah is tough, and the tasks and deeds surrounding Jannah are not easy, we must put in great effort, struggle and strive, often the battle we fight is internal and not from those around us.

finally, May Allah make it easy for us, and place the love of the sunnah and Quran in our hearts, and remove the love of the dunya, Ameen.

Jazaka Allah khier for reading, I hope this helps some of you, well I hope all of you.

Wasalam -x-


  1. We obviously can not refute what Allah and the prophet has commanded, but we are also told to keep ties with our families. In some cases sisters who are far from their families have to travel to visit them, and not all sisters are privileged to have their husbands come with them, or any man for that matter. I think in this case, Allah is understanding and it is permitted for a sister to travel on her own, if not, then she would never be able to visit her family, that being my case.

    1. Good point sister. In such circumstances it is best to seek Alims opinion and for individual fatwa rather then issuing self fatwa. Also in this day an age easy to maintain ties as we have Phones, Skype, Texting, Viber etc so many ways to be with family. I know I call my mum everyday and speak to my loved ones on Skype, I have family abroad and keep in touch by calls and internet.
      Now, I wont travel to visit family without a mahram, unless it is an emergency then that is different. Otherwise, for casual visits I wait until I have a mahram to take me. And Allahs knows best in circumstances of individual needs we should seek proper alims advice.

    2. I went to Islam Q&A to see if this issue had been covered and it has many times.
      Here is one example, and the Fatwa issued:

    3. To those who left those comments about traveling alone all the time being ok. You must be on planet Mars and never read Quran or Hadith. Seen they have been removed now by the sister, and I understand her reason for doing so. I really love IslamQ&A and many sheikhs have directed me to that for answers and imams too. I agree traveling without a mahram for no good reason is not allowed, and it is a matter of faith and level of iman, just the same as wearing hijab. Something we need to get over and practice and we need to stop making silly excuses to just go off and do our own thing. The sooner we realise Allah created us different to men and we have different roles the sooner we can be content and accepting of it. The more we fight against the advice of Allah the more difficult our lives become.
      Sister Salwa you keep up your good posts spreading the truth, sometimes the truth hurts and you always get those who will hate, but as they say "haterz gon hate". What you have addressed is true and the evidence is strong and accepted. So those who disagree need to revaluate their relationship with Allah and the messenger of Allah.

    4. Jazaka Allah khier Anon for the support. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I removed the comment as it was put in a very sarcastic and immature style. That is 3 I had to remove from the same person who is just wanting to mock Islam and insult sisters. I accept feedback and comments for those who differ but I do not accept bullying, mocking, rudeness, sarcasm and utter disrespect for Allah and his Messenger Peace be upon him. So those comments will be removed by default.

      If people have other opinions then they MUST put it in a nice respectful manner. People forget Tarbiya and really act Jahil when they talk to other Muslims and my Blog will not tolerate such Disgusting Manners. Islam teaches us Tarbiya and you must have good manners and character to be upon the deen. So my advice to that sister, please learn some manners in communication and how you get your points across and also learn Islam from the bascis. You will never get anywhere in life if you talk to people the way you do. Allah guide you sister back to the Siratt Al Mustaqeen. That's all I have to say.

  2. ASW sister. I have come across this a lot. Many sheikhs do tell women to stay at home. I guess it is our western influence and we are struggling with it. I do travel alone, usually not by choice but I visit my parents who are non muslim and travel to the city to attend lectures and for Dawah etc. But, now I am more into my faith I do realise I need to cut back on the unnecessary trips alone. My husband is supportive of me wanting to travel to learn, maybe I can wait and travel with him it wont hurt to wait. It is one of those issues we are all aware of but we are turning a blind eye to. It is bad of us, and we need to turn to Allah when we know the truth embrace it and practice it. May Allah make it easy for us to follow the deen how it is meant to be, we are all learning. JZK for an amazing post. I am really loving the Islamic posts, very fresh and different to what you see from the hijabis in the UK, too many fashion blogs not enough Islamic and life Blogs. So do keep it up, I love the creative posts too. Your' cards are super cute (:

    1. AWRB sister Jamila- I am more practicing now, I wear Full Niqab and I never leave the house unless I am with my husband or if I go out with my parents now and then. I did a lot of research also into the subject and the righteous women should not be traveling about without a Mahram. Initially was difficult, but Alhamdulillah when you do something for the sake of Allah he assists you and makes it easy for you. Now I am fine with it, I prefer to stay home, and be with my family and go out as a family.


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