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Hijab Obsessions- Review

Asalam waliykum sisters,

I have been wanting to do this review, along with a few others for weeks now! Alhamdulillah finally got round to doing it!

As you can see from the title, the hijabs I will be reviewing are from Hijab Obsessions. I came across the site back in march while looking for pretty sparkly hijabs and jersey hijabs.

Here is a little bit about themselves  "Hijab Obsessions is an online business based in the UK. We stock a variety of products including jersey hijabs, snoods, handmade scarves, headpieces and much more. We also sell an exclusive range of Handmade Islamic canvases and clothing items designed by Street Muslimah arts"

They cater to all tastes and have a huge selection of hijabs which are all hand made so are unique and can not be purchased from any other place. Please check out their store Here!!  

For all those who are Rabia Z Fans, if you do not know of her Google her! They stock a small selection of her jersey style hijabs which i love; due to price tag have not been able to get one..yet!

I ended up getting 4 scarves all lovely and different to anything i own. I could not help myself and i have not purchased hijabs in a while, so why not :)

Without further a do scarf numero uno:

This is,  and what they have named it as the "Shimmer hijab", this is so nice and formal, will be great for a party or wedding. They have many colours available, difficult to decide what to get. Decided to buy the 3 that will go most with my dark abayas.

The shimmer is subtle and not over powering, it is highlighted nicely in the photo above due to the flash on my camera. So gives a little sparkle in normal day light, this is the same for the other 2 I received. The shimmer is actually thread so you do not have to worry about it coming off in the wash. The craftmanship is perfect, no faults with the stitching at all. A solid piece, such great quality.

I really like the feel of these scarfs, they feel almost liquid like, very soft and drape beautifully. Out of the gold shimmer, black and gold shimmer and black and silver shimmer, my favourite is the black and silver shimmer, funnily enough it is a lot softer then the other two. I can only describe the fabric being a soft jersey stretch type. Will need a light press with the iron (on super low heat) to get rid of the fold marks.
After wrapping this hijab once/twice it becomes opaque even in strong light, as shown in the last few photos.

Which one do you like??

This is the last one i received, out of all of them my favourite and my most worn hijab, it even came with me on my trip to Paris; all the way up to the Eiffel Tower! Its named the "White Ruffles". At the time I purchased mine they had white, black and red. Currently they are sold out of the white and black but do have the red and now have a new colour, pink!!

As you can see, it is super wide. The length is a lot shorter then the pashminas and other scarves i have. You can only wrap it once. That's fine as wrapping it too much will result in a huge voluminous head, not good at all. Again the quality and standard of work is amazing, I rarely own hijabs that are so perfect! I can tell that this is a piece that will last many years and many washes inshallah.

The ruffles are so girly and cute. I really like this one, and a lot of sisters have stopped me to ask where i got it from. Lots of coverage for the front and the back, ever so slightly transparent, I just stuck on a cotton tube underneath to resolve that. its very comfortable to wear, has a bit of stretch to it and goes with anything! I wear it practically all the time when I go out. It washes well too, use a low temp and its fine, added bonus no need to iron at all, it does not crease. That's just perfect for me!

Few snaps of me modelling the shimmer scarves, which one do you guys like the most and what do you think of them?

"Gold shimmer"

"Silver black shimmer"

"Gold black shimmer"

Finally the service from the store is 10/10. They are there to answer any questions and i experienced this on their facebook page. They are efficient and I received my items extremely quickly. Unfortunately i forgot to take a few snaps of the packaging. They wrapped each hijab in thin red colour paper, even via transportation the items remained ever so neat and perfect. i was thoroughly impressed. This is a site i have recommended and will continue to do so, brilliant service, and brilliant scarves, what more could you want?

Jazakallah khier for reading, please comment below. And share, share, share this post :D

Please check out Hijab Obsessions, they also have a facbook page. So if you have a FB profile, like and share them on there too.

Wasalam -x-

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  1. Jazakallahu Khair sis for the lovely review! Love how you've taken pictures of the scarves. They look so sparkly!

  2. Salaaaams :D

    Wa iyakum, Hope it does your scarves the justice they deserve.

    It was quiet hard to get photos husband not too good with the camera, so had to impravise :D
    I really love them, and i already have an event i can wear them too after Eid :D

  3. Salaam

    I can tell from the detailed explanations, this is a professional's take on the hijab subject. I have to admit my ignorance (especially since I don't wear one) but the post is informative. bless your effort

  4. @ Bilnigma Waliykum asalam sis,

    BarakaAllahu feek sis, Thank you for the kind words. Inshallah I will do my best to create more posts on the subject.
    I was the same not too long ago, only started to wear hijab when i was 21... and proprly when i turned 23. When the time is right sis, and i make dua for you.

    Thanks for reading sis
    wasalam x

  5. Love the Hijabs and the review sister.
    The shimmer ones are very elegant and look like quality. They are not tacky at all like some shimmer ones you buy. This is subtle.
    I checked out the website, they have some great hijabs on there. I think i will get one of the shimmer ones. May Allah reward you for providing such a detailed review on the hijabs. Really helpful and love all the photos too. Peace

  6. @Rahma,

    Glad you liked the review. Yeah the Shimmer scarves are really elegant and classy.
    Aww afwan, glad you found the review useful. Please do check back now and then. I have 3 more reviews to do... inshallah i get to do them soon :D

    Wasalam -x-

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