Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Islam-Ticket to Jannah presents!!

Asalam waliykum sisters,

One of my dear friends and another sister have opened a fan page on Facebook, called Islam-Ticket to Jannah, not too long ago. It has been a huge success Alhamdulillah and due to so many fans they wanted to thank those who are frequent followers/readers and sharers of the page so for every 1000 likes they do a random give away.

A little bit about the group, "Islam - a ticket to Jannah is solely for dawah to Muslims and non-Muslims to Islam, the religion of Truth". It provides daily reminders on various topics and with very eye catching photographs with powerful messages added to them. I was not aware it was set up by a sister I know, until recently. Mashallah such great work and a lot of effort and time have gone into this group. More recent posts from the sisters cover topics related to the fast approaching month of Ramadan and even a FREE Ramadan productivity calender/checklist. Please do check it out by clicking HERE .

Here are some photos I have taken of all the goodies I won! I have never won anything before in my life... and now I can say I have once, Alhamdulillah. I will no longer whine about not winning anything again!! Plus I FINALLY got a bobble scarf, and I love them, woohoo. The sisters are uber sweet and always given and dedicating countless hours in the cause of Dawah and Islam. Look at all the goodies they got me, are they not deliciously cute?!

On with the photos!!!....

These are all the goodies i received, sooo sweet and very personalised. When i was picked as one of the winners I was able to pick a bracelet of my choice and also pick a colour for the mug, I didn't realise it was going to be a mug, was just told to pick from blue, pink and purple. They sent me a very cute mini card with a very sweet message inside. May Allah reward them for the kindness and generosity, ameen.

Much needed new pin wheel with lots of different colours on, everything i had received was practical and things i need and things which are just Awesome!!

Me modelling the pwetty bracelet! This looks like one I owned previously, but in Blue and silver, which I found out had be stretched and broke courtesy of my mother...

This is the bobble scarf I received as an added gift, I love this brown and the bobbles are so cute, very girly and gives the scarf a different look. The material is also super silky and smooth, it is sheer but after wrapping twice becomes opaque, for extra coverage i just wore my one piece slip on underscarf from Maysaa, they call it a snood; here is the link please Click.

Jazakallah khier sisters for picking me as one of the lucky winners and for the amazing gifts. Baraka Allahu feek. May Allah reward you and perserve you, Ameen.

Wasalam -x-

What do you think of my prezzies?? Please click on the link to check out the sisters fan page on Facebook!!


  1. Aaah sister this is such a cute review. I personally love the mug and the bracelet. Its great to see facebook pages that promote the deen like that, and give great dawah and value their fans. Shame i didnt enter. Inshallah next time.

    p.s bobble scarf is pretty cool too. I find them hard to wear. Suit you though

  2. Asalam waliykum sis,

    Yeah mashallah its such a great page.
    You don't need to enter. They randomly pick best fans. Those who read their posts, comment and share.
    Thank you, i love the bobble scarf there are loads of tutorials on you tube showing how to wrap the bobble scarves. I would do one but i don't want to show my face to the world! :P


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