Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hijab storage

Asalam waaliykum sisters,

Alhamdulillah Day 5 of Ramadan. Hope you are all doing well, inshallah.
I thought I would share how I store my hijabs with you guys. I was asked by a couple of sisters I know who are struggling due to limitation in space; what is the best way to store hijabs.
If you are looking for a new way to store your hijabs i have one idea. I have tried everything, I used to roll them and store them in my chest of draws, but that took up so much space and by the next day they were a total mess. Plus chest of draws are for my normal clothes.

Tried the hijab hangers, worked well for a while until they broke and snapped. I have a lot of hijabs 3 huge bags worth. So they weighed a lot,  when I hung them the hangers that are made for hijabs could not cope with the weight. I tried using skirt/trouser hangers and clip on a 2-3 per hanger again that took up my whole wardrobe. Not practical especially as I share my wardrobe with zawji.
I know this works well if you have less then 10 hijabs. I must have around 50-60 now so the hangers was no longer practical.

When I was at university 3 years ago now!! subhanllah. The landlord left two wardrobes in my room. So as you can imagine I used one for clothes and the other for hijabs. I just hung the hijab straight onto the poll and this was the tidiest way to store them.

Picture quality not great, was taken with my old Nokia phone. This worked very well and I could see what hijabs I had, they were not hidden and therefore forgotten.

Well unfortunately I eventually left that flat, and now married I do not have the space or luxury to store them this way. Regrettably, for the last 5 months they have been sat in 2 huge Lidl bags and another huge shopping bag, Not practical at all and my hijabs were always a mess and needed constant ironing.

Alhamdulillah I gave one Lidl bag of Hijabs away to charity, so I was left with one plus the normal shopping bag. Some I have only worn once or twice so why hold onto them!!?? I only kept the ones I wear often and that I have recently purchased.

Yesterday I went out to Argos and had a look at their storage solutions, we do not have an IKEA near by otherwise would of checked them out too. I have had my eye on the wicker style baskets for a long time. They are a bit pricey and the ones I have found have always been too small. In Argos they have 3 large Sea grass baskets for £25, I had a £10 voucher so only paid £15.

They are perfect, look nice, sturdy and do the job. So pleased with them and the smell reminds me of the straw baskets made in Morocco. I am going to store them under the table and free up the table top. They look amazing, I am so lucky to get them for £15, such a bargain.

I was able to divide my scarfs into 3 categories, Casual, Smart and evening. As you can see I  have way more casual then evening. They fit perfectly and look way nicer then the bags. Plus these fit nicely under the table and can be stacked too!

They can be stacked and put in the corner of my room too. Do you agree they look 100% better and neater? The Sea grass has a large weave and therefore allows air to circulate, hijabs closed up in a bag will start to smell musty and not nice. Now they have lots of air getting to them.
I just tied a thin neck scarf to the handle, makes it look very girly. What do you guys think?

I found this to be the best way to store my scarfs after all the other ways I have tried. Of course if you have a separate wardrobe then hanging them on the poll is by far the most  practical in terms of not having to ironing every time you want to wear a scarf. But this is the most practical for me, and the most cheapest alternative.

Do you sisters have any other ways of storing hijabs, how do you find best to store them? Please do share what you do. Comment below and please share this post.

Jazakallah khier

Wasalam -x-


  1. Assalamualeikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu dearest sister!!
    Ramadan kareem, and jazakillahu khairan for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog :) I'm looking forward to seeing your quilled eid cards, inshaAllahu ta'ala!

    Oh my gosh... you've addressed the exact problem I'm suffering from:
    Organizing my hijabs!!!
    I just hang all of mine on this hideous IKEA scarf hanger thing... it's not optimal, but it's better than stuffing them in a drawer (Which is SOOOO not what I used to do.... *gulp*...)

    But your idea is great mashaALlah :)Though I don't think I'll be able to use it, as I wear large squared scarves, and they become all crinkled as soon as they are folded, so I'm looking for a way to store them without them getting too crinkled so that I don't need to iron them all the time! :)

    Ya Allah, what problems we have :)

    FiamanAllah dear sister, I will be following your blog now inshaAllah :)

    The Creative Muslimah

  2. Waliykum asalam sis,

    Mashallah love the blog very creative!! Aw thats ok sis :D Its nice to meet another sister who quils i thought i was the only one!!!
    Inshallah will be making them this week and post them up over the weekend inshallah :D

    I have the problem too... i looked on you tube for solutions but most say to hang on those hangers. Just not practical for me, i have too many!!!
    Yeah i used to put them in my draws too lol so do not worry :D
    I have some large square ones too, really the best way is to have a second wardrobe just for them. That worked well. But its not practical at all.
    The baskets mean i have easy access to them stored in three piles not in one bag as before. Just works out better and is not an eye sore. Stores them nicely and looks nice too. i have a lot of pashminas, and jersey which wrinkle like crazy i can not avoid ironing at all, but at least now they are not so bad and just need a quick press.

    I am actually thinking of getting more of these storage baskets for other things. They are so nice :D

    My mama just wears sqaure and she manages to get away without ironing them most of the time. Becuase she keeps them perfectly folded and tidy. Seriously way to neat. She is so careful when removing them and fold them up nicely afterwards. I tend to throw them anywhere then fold later!!

    LOOOL yes the problems we have, I know its not a huge thing. But just an idea to help make things a little easier. Alhamdulillah every little helps :D

    jazakallah khier for following, welcome to my blog :D
    I think i am already following yours....

    wasalam -x-

  3. Asalam'alaikum WB. Nice blog :) I'm planning on storing my hijabs on a bookshelf. Will categorise them according material + colour + which store the hijabs come from. Bookshelf is next to my small but long dressing mirror. Hubby thinks it's a good idea. What do you think?

  4. waliykum asalam sis.

    Wow i never seen hijabs stored that way before. I think that would be great way too. Do you have a big bookshelf? is it free standing or secured to the wall?
    i would love to see that.

    Do show me a picture when you are done, i think thats a good idea too.

    wasalam -x-

  5. AWWB :)

    Got 2 bookshelves. One tall but not wide, one shorter in height but wider in length. So debating over which one to use. Both bookshelves are freestanding so can be moved around. Will let you know how it goes - will try send a pic :)

    WWB x

  6. Salams sis

    Thats a tough one. Depends where you will place it? and depends if you need space for anything else, the wide one will take up more space in a room. the tall one wont. Hmm tricky. do let me know inshallah :D All th best with it :D


  7. Asalam'alaikum WB dear Sister!

    Well, I never did use my bookshelves in the end :) I "shelved" the idea when I realised that all my hijabs would be on display and I didn't want my garments "displayed" for all to see and comment on, if there were visitors. I ended up co-ordinating my hijabs into groups/themes/material types/embellishments/colours and put them in my one wardrobe with 3 shelves. Since then, my hijab collection has expanded and I'm now re-shuffling my hijabs and tidying up my wardrobe - it made me remember that I posted a comment last year and I never did tell you what happened :) So much for my idea! But I use my bookshelves for my jewelry boxes, hijab pin boxes and make-up and creams. My make-up is hidden inside these vintage styled containers that look like books - very clever storage devices! Anyhow, glad you returned back safely from Hajj, Alhumdhulillah ;)

  8. @bookworm.

    Aw that's a shame. you could try and get something from Ikea that has draws? Or perhaps go through your hijab and give away the ones you hardly wear. I did that again recently and gave away 10 hijabs Alhamdulillah :)

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