Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The begining

Main Entry:
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: comfort, peace
Synonyms: alleviation, assuagement, condolement, condolence, consolation, pity, relief
Notes: "solace is a form of comfort given to one who is in sorrow or distress; consolation is an act of offering such comfort, or the result of such comfort having been provided "

Solace is just one of the meanings of my name Salwa, Subhanallah your name often reflects the character of a person. This is just a mini intro, inshallah i hope to post everything and anything here, My love of the deen Islam, for reading, being creative and my travels and inshallah all will be beneficial in some shape or form.
Alhamdulillah my very first taste of blogging, Inshallah this is just the start of a long lasting relationship with the blogging world.

*Photo Provided by my older brother*


  1. Cute Intro sister, Welcome to blogging XX

  2. Salams, Thank you. Hope you enjoy it x


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