Tuesday, 19 June 2012

"Hijab" tag.....

Asalam waliykum,
My first tag WOOHOO! this was from a sisters blog Stylish Muslimah, she has a great blog do check it out! Zawaji is doing a night shift, what a better way to pass some time then do my first tag!

Beautiful Paris

1) What was the first hijab you ever bought?

It was From H&M in Sept 2007! All those years ago at the peak of scarf fashion craze. I remember they had some amazing scarves that were wide, long and opaque.. now the quality of scarves they sell are not that brill and they do not have much of a selection anymore.
The scarf i got was navy blue, with rows of silver thread running along it length wise. It had the usual tassel's at either end and was polyester and medium thickness. I still own it and cost me £7!

2) What was the first hijab style you wore?

An awful one, it was so hard for me to wear hijab. The style did not suit my face at all. And moved about during the day. i did not know about under scarves then so used hair clips to keep my fringe back but still ended up having hair trying to escape from the sides! I remember using a good old safety pin under the chin and another at the side after wrapping the material around my head several times. Tight fitting and uncomfortable... but i stuck with it and learnt new styles Alhamdulillah

3) What is your favourite colour hijab, or what colour hijab do you have most of in your closet?

Favourite: My white ruffle hijab from hijab Obsessions, check them out on FB amazing, and here!!!!
Own the most of: Black, jersey and pashmina

4) Who is your favourite Hijab guru? Why?

Initially used to watch Amena from You tube for a few years. But, Since then I have been wearing Jilbab full time and I have not seen many sisters who wear Jilbab on blogs or you tube. So no fav guru at the moment. I guess I make up styles myself and things that are Muhajaba and jilbab friendly. 

5) Who was the first person you watched on You Tube who did hijab tutorials?

Wallahi i do not remember her name, i think one i can remember not the first but quiet early on in my hijab days was Amenakin... from Pearl Daisey. She had some really good styles. Ooh also i remembered now, the sister from Slice of lemon, she had a video blog called inside the closet or something similar. She did a style that i recreated and i wore for a couple years!

6) What is the beauty in hijab?

Having Haya, modesty the most liberating experience. Its a command from Allah, knowing that you are fulfilling a commandment from Allah each and every day. Mashallah

7) What does hijab mean to you?

Obeying Allah and his Messenger Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

8) What is your everyday hijab style?

One side shorter on the left, the long side wrapped to cover my chin over the head and pinned to the side of my head on the left or if longer hijab bought over to the other shoulder and pinned there. I always cover my chin, i like having the material there like a comfort thing i suppose. I like to create layers too. Nothing fancy but looks ok :)

9) What are your favourite hijab accessories?

I went through many stages, especially my early hijab days i liked blinging out my hijab with head bands, beads, broaches, fancy hijab pins etc. Now i keep those for women only events. I still love broaches which i suppose is my fav. But everyday i just keep it simple and use a straight pin which is plain and simple. I suppose my hijab has progressed and evolved from being a fashion statement to what it is meant to be, a modest and respectable outer garment. Alhamdulillah.

10) What is your favourite place to buy hijabs?

I like to support the sisters who are trying to start their businesses, even though H&M sell hijabs I have not bought one from them in 2 years. On a one off occasion i may go to Monsoon they do amazing ones, with huge price tags though. So i buy online from sisters stores. I love Hijab obsession my faaaav onlien hijab shop, Al-Mujalababa, MyscarfShop, Scarf World, and many more....
Inshallah i hope to do a few reviews on hijabs I have bought online and reccomendations :)

Please feel free to comment below, and answer the questions be great to hear what you guys have to say. Also feel free to tag yourself and add to your blog, share the love and all. (P.s i am still unaware of how to tag others that's why) :-/
Jazakallah khier

Hijab: My Scarf Shop
Cardigan: Wallis
Jilbab/Djellaba: Al-Mujalbaba
Ring: Gift from Morocco


  1. Salams. I totally agree about H&M the variety not as it was. I do love the accessorise they have there.
    Love the blog, can not wait to read more

  2. Yeah it is such a shame, maybe the scarf fashion is slowly dying out. But Alhamdulillah a lot of sisters have got into the buisness of selling them.
    Yeah accessorises are pretty cool.
    Thank you so much, it means a lot to get positive feedback. Please share and continue to comment :D


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