Friday, 29 June 2012

Macaron or macaroon?

Asalam waliykum all, Hope you are well inshallah :D

The first time I ever had a macaron was when my brother visited Paris and returned with boxes of these delightful, cute coloured sweet treats. They looked like something out of peter pan (the one with robin Williams in)... any who, they tasted amazing, light, fluffy, sweet and almondy! From that time I have been hooked. So when i had the chance to visit Paris this year, the only thing I wanted to purchase on my trip were Macarons!! They are very expensive, and are cheaper to purchase in the UK. Saying that you get what you pay for. The quality is not like that of their French counterparts.

Macarons from Georges Masion Larnicol, in Paris 

These Macarons were amazing!! The lady who owned the shop was so helpful and gave us a discount. There were 16 different flavours. My favourite was the orange, raspberry and vanilla! I Paid around 16 Euros for 18. I told you they were expensive, but it was the one thing i wanted to buy and I didn't get anything else for myself... well I lie I did. But, the cheap souvenir stuff. We ended buying 6 bags each having 8 inside. Not just for ourselves but for the famo (Family).
To see what other treats are sold in the shop please click here to be taken to the amazing website of Masion Larnicol
I also purchased a couple of Macarons from a funky looking store; I can’t even remember the name of the store :(
My camera battery had died, i must of taken a million photos while in Paris. It was a crazy looking store, called something Macaron acid? Not sure I forgot. But the whole shop was in acid bright colours really hurt my eyes. The macrons were the same in acid pinks, greens, yellows. They tasted amazing, and as they were nicely chilled they had a lovely crunch and a cool centre. Sorry no photos for that one. The flavours were similar as above. The usual scrummy ones, I was a little worried that those colours were not safe to eat. But never mind just wanted to try it once.
I must of gained a stone while away in Paris. Me and zawaji had so many sweet things, we agreed if we lived in Paris we would both be morbidly obese

M&S Macrons

Limited edition Macrons from M&S

After having consumed all the Paris Macarons we had. I recently went out to M&S and to my surprise found some nestled among the chilled deserts woohoo! They were really cheap and they had a funky pack of gold, silver and bronze Macarons for the Queens Jubilee celebrations. I was having a dinner party and wanted to put something nice down on the table with tea... I ended up given them to my mum. I paid about £5 for the mixed pack and £3 for the jubilee ones. They were nice but after having the French Macarons nothing compares to them. The Jubilee Macrons came in a nice box, only 6 though two of each colour. They tasted lovely more cake like then a Macaron taste.  
The other Macarons from M&S were pretty standard and came in the popular flavours Vanilla, Chocolate and Raspberry. Vanilla was a winner for me, really subtle and creamy.  

The favorites are the French Macarons for sure, and next time anyone goes to Paris, please remember me and buy me some :D Thanks hehehe.

What are your thoughts, are you crazy about Macrons too, not to be confused with Macaroons. There is a difference. Please comment, i would love to hear from you guys.



  1. Hey, i have never tried them. They look really nice too. I think the ones in the first picture look a lot more vivid, colourful and delicious. I did not know they sold them everywhere, going to try them now. Thanks.

  2. salams and hi Tara,

    I hope this gets you off to the shop to buy some :D Yeah pretty much all shops do now, Paul bakery also sell them. I am sure waitrose and tescos would too.
    They were extremely yummy and i enjoyed eating them a lot! hehee
    your welcome @:D

  3. I have written to Marks and Spencer about the mis-labelling of their macarons as macaroons. They are adamant that they are right.


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