Monday, 18 June 2012

Lush, Lush, Lush and more Lush....

Asalam waliykum,

As promised before, this is a continuous post of lush products i have bought and used.
One thing i forgot to mention in my first post is about how lush do not test their products on animals and are against testing on animals. If you go in store on online, you can sign the ongoing petition to support their ban on animal testing for good! I feel very passionate about this, and as Muslims we should all feel that way too. Not only are we forbidden as Muslims to torture one another, it is not permissible to do that to an animal in any shape or form. 

Now onto 3 products i brought, tried and tested on moi! The first one is Angels on bare skin, after using herbalism i liked how gentle the cleanser was, but i needed something that was more clarifying and able to deal with my T-zone better! I opted for angels on bare skin, still gentle but with lavender which helps keep good moisture in the skin and prevents build up of natural oils. I have used this for 4 weeks now and have had no problems with it. Alhamdulillah since i have used these 3 products i have had so many compliments from people, who have mentioned my skin is glowing and looks clear and bright and in that time no blemishes, Mashallah.
This cleanser has NO synthetic ingredients and is 100% natural. It also contains lavender flower and this is really cute and keeps secreting oils into the cleanser infusing it with a lovely light lavender scent. This is good for those with combination and dry skin. I use this twice a day, morning and before bed. The texture once mixed with water is creamey and smooth, its easier to apply to the face and massage in, leaves your skin smelling of lavender flowers :)

Wonder cleanser in a pot!

Imperialis Moisturiser, The first moisturiser i have used from lush and has been a great hit with me! The scent is the first thing that attracted me to this product its light, feminine and natural. The texture is nice too, easy to apply and a little goes a long way, so a small tub of this should last a good month or just over that if you don't go over board and slap it on. One reason i adore this moisturiser is because it contains
Extra virgin olive oil, the benefits of oil are many. We may think putting oil on the face will make it greasy and therefore lead to more oil and consequently get blemishes, but you could not be more wrong. Olive oil and virgin olive oil are antibacterial... yes it will kill the bad bacteria on the skin actually preventing build up of oil thus prevents harbouring of bacteria on the skin. It also nourishes the skin and can be easily absorbed adding moisture to the skin instantly mashallah. It has many other natural oils from different plants and flowers and contains lavender oil and orange blossam water. In Moroccan beauty products, Orange blossam and Rose water are used a lot. Orange blossam is a wonderful product to refresh the skin, like a cool skin drink and has a lovely smell too!
The moisturiser is recommended for normal/oily skin types. Perfect for my skin!
Yummy imperialis!

I LOVE LETTUCE, i do love lettuce but i am talking about the super refreshing fresh face mask. This is the second one i have tried. Again a favourite of mine as it contains the good stuff, Honey, Almond oil and lavender oil. This face mask has a very distinctive and has Strong lavender smell. Straight out the fridge and onto the skin, Its so refreshing and cooling and you can feel those goodies working on your skin. Sit back and relax the lavender oil is so relaxing. I love to use this after a hot shower before bed. Lavender sends me straight to sleep mashallah. Easy to apply, the mask is not of a thick consistency so is easier to spread on the face, easier to build up the layers too. I like to leave mine on until it begins to dry and then as i wash it off i scrub/rub the product all over my face and neck it has ground almond shells and gently exfoliates the skin. Wash and pat dry and apply Imperialis aaahhhh...
Funny thing is there is no sign of any lettuce in the fresh face mask

I love lettuce!
Jazakallah Khier for reading, i hope this review has benefited you in some way. Zawaji is a fan of imperialis, no wife likes a husband with dry skin do they?

if you have used these products and have had a similar experience, or not please feel free to share below in the comments. Wasalam :) 


  1. I want to go out and try these products my skin sounds similar to yours. i never really took an interest in the store just thought was rather expensive and like body shop. But now i will try at least one thing, maybe a face mask as they are completely natural :-)

  2. I was pretty much the same!
    But now i am an addict.
    You can get samples of other things.
    Most stores have super friendly staff who will address any issues you have and try find something suitable for you skin.
    I get the odd thing from body shop. i still love their body butters, i hope lush make some thick body butters soon :D
    thanks for commenting sis


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