Monday, 5 August 2013

Eid Mubarak cards

Asalam waliykum,

I wanted to share with you my Handmade Quilled cards. This is the first time I have uploaded them onto my blog. I have lots to share In Sha Allah in due time too many to show you right now.

I made these cards  using strips of paper (as above and below) and used the Quilling technique. I will do a separate post on what quilling is and do a 'How to' for beginners In Sha Allah. 

This Technique using strips of paper was rather fiddly and took time and patience to get everything aligned correctly. But, for first attempt they came out really well I am happy with the outcome. I made 10 in total, all for family and friends. 

Each card took me 3 1/2- 4 hours each. Getting the design spot on took a couple of hours, a very fiddly and complicated design. Time consuming that's for sure, but all the same, I do enjoy it. 

I did the right one in Moroccan colours Red & Green and the other in Lilac. I forgot to take a snap of the inside, It had a simple message in Arabic font on cream card stock. 

The blue ones were the first to be made. carefully quilled tight coils using strips of blue paper cut into 3rd's. Each card has over 36 coils, each hand quilled using my slotted tool.

I love the contrast of the Moroccan Blue with the cream card stock. Such a calming colour and reminds me of Islamic geometric designs found in a Mosque. This blue really reminds me or Morocco. 

I used the lilac strips for this one, perfect contrast and makes the card a little more girly. 

A nice close up of the coils. very fiddly to construct and get it right. Subhanallah, each card came out slightly different even though I used the same template. 

Really like how vibrant the golden yellow looks against the black card stock, such contrasting yet complementing combination. 

Love this shade of yellow, reminds me of egg yolk actually tehehe. Really pleased with this combination. 

Again, made some using the Moroccan flag colours, they really go well together. I experimented with a few colours, and may try and use combination of colours and make it like a rainbow... that sounds like a good idea. 

Another little close up of the cards, really love the green against the black. I tried to use vibrant bright colours so it stands out more. I used up most of my paper strips on the Smile Again charity cards so was running really low on my bright colours. Alhamdulillah I had enough to make these. 

They look so pretty all together, but all sent off to different people. In Sha Allah I hope everyone likes the card they get. I tried to think of who would like which card, and try match them up. Was tricky. Next time In Sha Allah I will make them well in advance and make a lot more, as I was unable to give one to all my friends.

I really like the design overall, very effective, simple yet I feel represents Eid nicely. I will be making some more of these for Eid al-Adha In Sha Allah. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing my handy work, now you know what I have been up to and so busy doing. I literally spent 10 hours a day on these to get them ready in good time. Of course I made sure to give time to Quran and prayer but treated this as a 8-6 sort of job, taken breaks when I needed. I don't think I will work like that again, really tiring and my hands suffered a lot. 

One down side of quilling is when done repetitively you will end up with lots of paper cuts on your thumb and index finger, and can get really sore. 

Please do comment below, or if interested in reproducing my work email me, if reproducing for personal use that is fine, but not for commercial use. Do feel free share this post with others and if reproducing the images please including a link to the blog and drop me a message. 

Jazaka Allah khier

Wasalam -x- 


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