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Pearl Daisy- Review

Asalam waliykum, 

I have been so tied up with Ramadan, and Eid Alhamdulillah and needed a few days rest. Alhamdulillah, so now have more time to Blog and read. I have a few reviews that are pending and pilling up. I wanted to get all the work out the way before the last 10 days. Alhamdulillah managed to stick to the plan and now I am free. 

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Anyway, on with the review! I will start with reviewing my purchase from Pearl daisy, I purchased 2 items from Amena from her online store, click on the link HERE! to check out the website. I have been wanting to get some hijabs from her store for such a long time. When she created the winged maxi 'hoojabs' I had to try get my hands on at least one. At the same time I purchased some Ali Baba trousers. If you do not know who Amena is, she is rather well known on you tube for her tutorials Here is a link to check out her videos. 

The items come packaged nicely and is sent in this cute bag. 

A hoojab is a hijab with a hood, so sits nicely on your head, A maxi hoojab has a larger hood area. A great little invention from the sister, I have seen this style previously so not sure if she invented it, perhaps first one to bring it to the UK, and has really caught on world wide, you can now find other hijab stores making similar items. 

I laid the hoojab out so you can see what it looks like, very wide and long. I think it is nearly 3 meters long. I loved how modest the style of the Maxi hoojab was, providing ample chest coverage. I was unlucky to miss the chance of buying the jersey hoojabs that she originally had for sale. And now only stocks the visoces ones. I enquired if the jersey ones would be restocked, and I was told no, and that the viscoes ones are much better quality and drape better. 

So after being convinced I purchased one maxi hoojab in white. However, after wearing the hoojab a few times, I was greatly dissapointed and strongly disagree that it drapes well. The style is rather 'pouffey' and doesn't sit well around the face or neck. I hope to take some photos of me wearing it and will update this post at a later date showing you what I mean. 

The ties do not keep the hoojab in place at all, either tied behind the head or under the chin. If you tie it behind the head it pushes the hoojab down and over your face and if under the chin it makes the hoojab fall backwards. The hood in the hoojab is double layered, so in theory, and what I was told,  you do not need to wear an under scarf  Unfortunately, you do need to as the viscoes hoojab moves all over the place and slips if you do not, also the pins will come out easily if you don't have an under scarf to pin it to. I spent most of the day readjusting the hijab and pushing it either back or pulling it forward. The last time I felt this uncomfortable was when I first started to wear hijab. 

The hem is rather bulky and obvious and does not look neat. I dislike that a lot, and prefer a more discreet and neat finish. When wrapping the hoojab the drapes clump around the neck and do not sit well and bunch up when moving around.
This was my experience after a few weeks. And to conclude, a lovely idea, and would work well in jersey, but I find does not work at all with the viscose material. I hope she makes them with block jersey again and re adjusts the design, removing the bulky hem and ties. So sadly, I wont be repurchasing this style hijab again.  
price: £7.99

With Flash Photography

The ali baba pants are amazing, and so pleased with them. They are a lot more 'shiny' then they appear on the website, the photos on their show them to be matt. But they are rather glossy and are brilliant to wear for a special occasion or gathering. a bit too glossy to be worn everyday. The fit is amazing, although the elastic at the ankles is rather loose and way to big, and I ended up having to open the ankle hem and readjust the elastic inside. 

The only negative is the colour transfer, I was not told this product need to be washed before use. So I reccomend you wash or soak in vinegar before wearing them. Lets just say anything white that came in contact with it started to turn a rusty brown. I love the design, the shape and fit. A very modest item for curvy ladies, although I would not wear outdoors as I wear jilbab, I do like to wear indoors for gatherings and special occasions. 

They are sold at a reasonable price, especially from all the fabric that is used to make it. The material is a little too thick, so can be very hot, so not suitable for hot weather at all. The fit is spot on and is flattering and very modest, I would buy another pair in black next time, in sha Allah. I do only wear these indoors as the design and fabric are a little to flashy to be worn outside. And I tend to always wear matt abayas outside, boring and tent like for reasons pertaining to modesty and deen. 
Price: £19.99 (Sale: £14.99 (August 2013)).

Overall, I am happy with the Trousers and I would reccomend this to friends  Plus, I have seen them on other online stores but sold for £5-10 more. The hoojab I was not happy with, and wont be purchasing another one. Just to mention about service, It is rather slow. For example receiving confirmation, and also tracking information. I only received confirmation that my order had been processed after I actually received the Items and the because I did not get a confirmation email It meant I had no clue when the package would arrive, really was total guess work. In Sha Allah amena will take the feedback and improve this aspect. 

JazakAllah Khier for reading lovely people. Please do check me out on Facebook it's: and also I am on Instagram posting every other day, so do follow me on there and check it out, again the same name Muslimah In Solace. 

I will be reviewing lots of Hijabs from Hijab obsessions in the next couple of weeks.  

Wasalam -x- 


  1. walaikum assalam muslima :)
    i really really loved the content and honesty of your review on the hoojabs
    hardluck for me is, i can not purchase them because the shipping of the items is way more expensive then i can afford, and i am a pakistani so i needed a favor from you
    if you could kindly send me pictures of how it actually is, i mean the hood part and how the stiching is done i'd be really grateful to you
    please connect to me via email on
    jazakillah <3

  2. oh and the reason i need it is because i'll probably get it stitched by someone here

  3. Asalam alaykum,
    It's unfortunate that this service was not to standard in 2013. Almost three years have passed and I felt exactly the same about my recent purchases. Service took weeks and the scarves do not work for the mainstream audience but alhamdulillah the stuff must sell.

    My scarves don't tie easily, the hoojab invention is hit and miss and the regular hijabs are only worth the sale price. My harem pants were also a great buy - bit of a tight fit for my size 8 waist! I understand the business mindset behind Pearl Daisy mashaallah, however, they are definitely one-off purchases. Or for those willing to spend.

    Allah bring us success


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