Thursday, 29 August 2013

Product Review- Hijab Obsessions (2)

Asalam waliykum sisters, 

Today I will be reviewing some hijabs from my favorite online Hijab store. I previously reviewed some hijabs from Hijab obsessions last year, click HERE to read that post. Below is a little bit about the company taken from their website: 

"Hijab Obsessions is an online business based in the UK. Established in 2011 we pride ourselves in providing Muslimahs all over the world with high quality products at affordable prices. 

Our current stock consists of hijabs, abayas, kaftans, maxi dresses, skirts and much more. InshaAllah we plan to bring you further exciting products in the near future.

95% of our products are made by us or our tailors and all fabrics are sourced by ourselves to ensure the highest quality. We also offer a bespoke service for all our hijabs and some clothing therefore, if a customer requires any hijab or clothing item in an alternate size or colour, Insha Allah this can be done.

We also sell an exclusive range of handmade Islamic canvases and clothing items designed by Street Muslimah arts"

Here is a link to the website: Hijab Obsessions. I have had these hijabs for well over a month now and wanted to wear them and try them out before reviewing them. I have been looking over a year for Jersey hijabs that are affordable and are maxi size that are also good quality.
I ended up going a little crazy and bought 5, you never know they may go out of stock and no longer stock them. As I love the company and I have bought from them previously I knew the quality of the scarves and service would be amazing and I was not let down.

The items come beautifully wrapped in black tissue paper, also each scarf is separated with red tissue paper. And a pretty little logo sticker is used to seal the the wrapping. It really shows that time and care was taken while preparing my order. 
I love the cute little business card, has all the contact details and a very simple yet cute company logo. 

The hijabs cost £9.50 each (Black jersey £9.00), which is amazing considering they are maxi size, the cheapest I have found online for such great quality. The P&P in the UK is £5.99 which is reasonable considering the weight and size of the items. Items are sent standard postage and pay via Paypal (card option also available). They also ship worldwide for all you international readers.  

The scarves are folded so nicely, that there were hardly any creases. I ended up purchasing the burgundy, light grey, lilac, lemon yellow and black maxi hijabs. The fabric is soft, smooth and light weight, I find I do not need to iron them if I fold them nicely as above. The fabric is 4 way 'Stretch Rayon Fabric' and as you can see from the above photo drape and sit beautifully.  

As shown in the top right photo, the edges are sewn beautifully, I think it is over locked, but done so well that it is neat, very discrete and not obvious when worn. I prefer hijabs with this finish as it does not make the hijab bulky, ruin, or take away from the hijab. Another bonus is this stops the edges from rolling up.  

Due to the fabric, the hijab drapes beautifully, so you can achieve lots of draped, and folded hijab styles. The hijabs are 80 X 200 cm a lovely Maxi size, gives ample coverage. I prefer Maxi as they give me lots of Back and front coverage. You can also create lots of folds and a "hood" like style as shown above, here I am wearing the light grey hijab. 

Here I am wearing the burgundy Maxi hijab. The fabric can be  twisted and folded in so many ways to create unusual styles as shown above. Due to the weight of the fabric you really do not need to use pins. On a windy day you would only need one to secure the fabric down. Some days I wear them without an underscarf as the fabric doesn't move about at all which is great in summer. As the Fabric is made of Rayon, it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, an all year round hijab, now that's my sort of hijab. 

The washing instructions say to hand wash only, I am rather lazy & naughty and washed them on a gentle cycle in my machine, had no problems Alhamdulillah. They came out exactly the same as when they went in.  

The Jersey hijabs come in an array of colours, and they have recently added more colours to the collection. Here is a sample, the image which was taken from the FB Page!. Do check them out, they have every colour for every taste.  

Overall I loved all the hijabs, if you are like me and love maxi hijabs and jersey hijabs I reccomend buying these ones. If you prefer your hijabs smaller you can fold the hijab in half or add more folds to make the material shorter when worn. The service was brilliant, and it is easy to navigate the website. They now stock jersey kaftans and skirts in a variety of colours, perfect for a spring/summer. 

As previously mentioned in my last review for Hijab Obsessions I have recommended the scarves to everyone that I know and I look forward to reviewing more products in the future.  

Jazaka'Allah khier for reading, please do share this post, like and follow for more reviews. 

Wasalam -x- 


  1. Salam,

    They look gorgeous.
    Love the burgundy color.


  2. They are very good quality. Yeah the Burgundy is my fav' too. Such a nice colour :)

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