Thursday, 8 August 2013

Taqabbalallaha Minna Wa Minkum- Eid Mubarak

Asalam waliykum, 

I would like to say to all my readers and my sisters in Islam: 

Taqabbalallaha minna wa minkum-
May Allah accept it from you and us!

This is the correct way to greet one another on both Eids, the happy Eid/ Eid Mubarak is not a sunnah and was invented long after the death of the Prophet (Peace be upon him). 

May Allah accept our fast, the physical, mental and spiritual fast we went through, may He accept our salahtal qiyam when we stood in the night all for Him, may He accept our recitation of the Quran and make it a light in our heart and a comfort to us, may He accept our charitable deeds and zakat. Ameen. 

Most importantly in this blessed month, may He forgive us for our sins, our short comings and replace the bad with the good, ameen. 

I hope you all had a blessed month and I pray Allah helps us continue on this path and that the lessons we have learnt this Ramadan are not easily forgotten and the good we have practiced is implemented throughout the year. The night of power Laylatal- Qadr came and went, and the night of decree will decide the year to come. In Sha Allah we spent this night in humble supplication to our Lord and that the year decreed for us is one of blessings and goodness. In Sha Allah, ya rab. 

To all the Muslims who are suffering everyday either those who are in the Middle East, Africa, Asia or America, you are not forgotten and may Allah grant you the best reward, and Allah forgive any sins, and allowing you into Jannah by His mercy, Ameen. We have not forgotten you, so do not give up hope and faith in Allah. With struggle/trials come ease, Allah has promised us this. 

I hope you all have a blessed day, for indeed you are blessed to have a family, friends and a community to spend Eid freely with them. So be grateful to Allah and count your blessings. Have a wonderful day.

In Sha Allah Ramadan will visit us again, and we live to see another one. 

Jazakallah khier your sister in Islam. 

Wasalam -x- 


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