Sunday, 21 July 2013

Blessings of Suhur

Asalam Waliykum, 

We are now over one third of the way through Ramadan, Subhanallah the days have rolled by extremely quickly. Some say this is one of the signs of Al-youm Qiyama (Day of reckoning). I hope everyone is keeping up the Ramadan spirit and not hit the "slump" too hard. I have been busy filling in my Ramadan Booster, which I did a little review of last week, click Here! to read about it. It has really helped me keep on track and focused. 

On of the things that I was reading in the Booster was about the blessings of Suhur and why we are commanded to wake up in time to have this special meal. 

One of the Hadiths describes the Suhur being a blessed meal and I have quoted it in the Image above. There are so many blessings in having Suhur, that I have noted myself through experience, and below I will explain a few of these. 

Firstly, we are told there are blessings in this meal. So that alone would want to make you get up even if it is just to have a sip of water. 

Having suhur makes us different from the people of the book, yes both Jews and Chrisitans used to fast “The difference between our fasting and the fasting of the people of the Book is eating suhur.” The prophet SAW used to tell the believers to do opposite to the people of the book on many occasions. 

It gives you strength both physically and spiritually, not to mention food for your brain, so it helps you to feel more awake and alert so when you pray you are in full khushoo and when you read the Quran you are aware of what you are reading and will help you in memorizing the words. Rather then being sleepy in salaht and while reciting the Quran, where you do not benefit from it at all. 

Suhur, helps you stay in a good mood. We all know, either from ourselves or others, when people lack food they can be grumpy, irritable and have a very bad temper. So be sure to have suhur to prevent us from turning into hungry monsters. 

The one who eats suhur feels encouraged to fast more, because you have a small meal you do not struggle with hunger so much in the day, you have more energy and are able to focus on other more important aspects, rather then counting down the hours until Iftar. 

It is a Sunnah, so extra brownie points, or should I say extra rewards and we know in Ramadan the rewards are multiplied. So the more sunnah and good we do the better. 

Getting up for suhur requires you to wake up well before fajr, and in this time is the most blessed time of the day, as Allah is nearest to his slaves the last part of the night, and we are told Duas made at this time are accepted by Allah. 

I find, personally having Suhur, praying fajr and reading Quran is the best start to the day, I feel happy, and energetic. In the past when i have missed suhur I wake up feeling dramatically different, for one I am disspointed I did not wake up and that I let myself down, and I then feel super hungry and lethargic and I notice my day is not as good. 

In Sha Allah this will encourage us all to keep up the good behavior and good deeds and fulfilling this important and special Sunnah. I hope this is a Ramadan Boost for you guys as it has been for me. Let me know what you guys have for suhur, I like to try new things.

Jazakallah Khier for reading, please do share this, and feel free to let me know how you guys are feeling at this point in Ramadan and your thoughts. You can comment below or email or Instagram me. 

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Wasalam -x- 

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