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I LOVE LUSH- Review of products and service

Asalam waliykum,

We are in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, Subhanallah the month passed too quickly. 
I want to share with you yet more lush goodies from my last trip to Lush. 

Cute bags, Still going strong with the campaign against animal testing mashallah. 
I went to the Branch in Bristol, did not have a very good experience compared to the Branch in Portsmouth and Kingston upon Thames. I don't think I would go there again, if it had been my first experience at Lush I would most likely not return again. 

The sales assistant  was not helpful and was rather rude. I have been a loyal Lush customer for well over a year and I do spend a lot in the store. So when I go and buy my usual, I often ask, or I get given lots of samples to try. However, this time after I picked my usual face cream and solid conditioner, I asked the assistant for a sample of the new solid conditioner called 'Big'. Initially he refused to give me a sample and said he is not allowed to and kicked up a fuss. I then informed him I had been given samples previously, he reluctantly agreed with a stiff upper lip. And sliced the tiniest slither of product. Really there was no point in given me it at all.

I am so used to getting samples that would last a good week if not longer. You need to use the product for a few days to see if you get on with it, I have been given solid deodorants that have lasted me 7 weeks, face cleansers that has lasted a week etc, you get the picture. The level of customer service I would say 2/10. I previously worked in retail for 5 years, and I would not even imagine treating a customer that way. 

Never mind, the moral of the story to myself never visit the Bristol branch again, and to you guys do not go there. Not sure what his problem was, if it was because of my hijab. Was going to send my cousin in, who does not wear hijab to see if he treated her the same, crossed my mind but decided not to waste my energy. 

Anyway, with that little rant out the way, here are the things I got:

I got my usual Solid conditioner 'Jungle' a firm favorite, one of the first products I purchased from Lush. Some people find it hard to apply this. Not sure why, It is easy to apply well to me it is anyway. You need to apply directly to wet hair by rubbing/stroking the conditioner on the hair from root to tip. Once warmed up the conditioner melts and becomes creamy. Just place the hair to one side and work your way from the top rubbing the conditioner down to the tips. To aid this I store mine in a used facial cleanser container from Lush and add a little warm water to help keep it soft.
This conditioner contains cocoa butter and fruit oils, so is great for frizzy thick hair. Also has my favorite Passion fruit in it, the smell reminds me of a tropical rainforest warm and fruity. Lasts a good 5 weeks, if used moderately. Can also be used after washing your hair to tame fly away hairs and add extra shine. Jungle costs just under £3. 

The other conditioner next to it (in the first photo), is the Big solid conditioner. I managed to get one use out of this, so not sure how it would improve my hair and work for me, as I would need a week supply to make that judgment. Smells good though and has lemon and lime which is great for hair, adds shine and keeps your hair smelling fresh, here is what is packed inside:

-Sea salt, seaweed infusion, coconut oil, jojoba, and lemon and lime juice to condition and shine.
-Jasmine, tonka, orris, vetivert and vanilla to smell beautiful all day

I would try this again, but I would go to Kingston or Portsmouth and ask for a proper sample size so I can see how my hair feels after a week of use. It has a nice texture melts more quickly then the Jungle which may cause some problems, and be over used too quickly. Same directions for use, stroke or rub into wet hair and comb through then rinse. Costs £9 for 100g, something to think about, seems like it will be used up much quicker and will be more costly to buy in the long run. 

My Favorite face cream for summer is Vanishing cream. It is made for those with oily skin. I was using imperialis previously, good for winter nice and creamy and smells amazing. However, a little too thick for summer. I am sure it would work well for dry skin. It is designed for combination skin, however, I would avoid it if you have oily skin in the warmer months. costs £11, a little goes a long way so will last a good 2 months. 

Vanishing cream is more expensive £17, so I use even more sparingly. I says it is a low fat lavender moisturiser. It does disappear into the skin rather quickly and leaves the skin soft and moisturised but not oily/greasy. I literally use a pea sized amount and quickly dab into my skin. I never rub cream onto my face especially around the eyes, always dab. I find they last me 2 months or slightly more, so I am happy to pay £17 for a good moisturiser that works. 

This is a face cream I will continue to buy as it is packed with my favorite ingredients  Lavender, rose water, honey, Witch hazel, and neroli oil. All good for any skin type but in particular those with oily skin and problem skin that is prone to acne the ingredients will help balance the skin, combat spots and clear skin. 

Really pleased with my purchases, just not pleased with my experience at the branch in Bristol. 

That concludes the review, let me know what you think. 
Jazakallah kheir and Thanks for reading, Please do share, like and follow for more Lush reviews soon! I hope to do a detailed review on their Henna products soon. 

Also, I love to hear what Lush products you like so please comment below, or for more info or any questions on any of the products feel free to email me. 

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  1. Thank you for this blog it is very helpful. I am curious are all products from LUSH halal?!


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