Wednesday, 17 July 2013

'Smile Again W5' Charity Fundraiser Event!

Asalam Waliykum, 

(Registered Charity Number 1148336 SMILE AGAIN)

Hope your Ramadan has been going well.
Just want to share the Charity I have been helping out, one that is close to my heart. We have been working really hard to get the charity kick started, and get as much support as we can. I did a post on this charity previously, do check it out Here!

Now, this is where you guys can help. The charity is holding a fundraiser, details to come below and we need donations so that Mr Ghassan and the other dentists who have helped set up this charity; equip his Mobile dental van, with all the medical devices, and medicines etc so he can drive it to Morocco in October this year. This way the kids will get to experience the proper dental care in the correct environment. It means that the van can go to other parts of Morocco and treat many more kids. This all costs, and we do need funds, the more we raise the more kids we can treat! 

So if you can come to the fundraiser and support us then please do, would love to see you all, those of you who are in the UK. It will also be nice to meet some of my readers who will be able to get their Henna done by me (Prices start from £3) and every penny goes to the charity. Also you will get the chance to buy my exclusive hand made Quilled greeting cards. 

The fundraiser will be held at Asda, Gosport. click on the MAP to check the location. 

16th & 17th August 2013
9am- 6pm 
Asda, Gosport, 
Dock Road, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 1SH
Front of the store near Pharmacy 
Remember All proceeds go to charity!!!

List of things to enjoy at the stall:

- Smile Again leaflets
-Smile Again T-shirts
- Henna
- Home made cards
- Arabic Calligraphy
- Moroccan Atay/Tea
- Moroccan Sweets
- Iraqi Kebabs
- Home made Jewelry
- Dress as a Moroccan and have your photo taken!
and much, much more...

SmileAgainW5- Have their own website, please do check it out HERE!. You can make donations via paypal from that website or the Facebook Page which can be found HERE!
I will be adding a chip in app to the blog, so check it out on the right panel along the side, please do support and donate as much as you can even if it is as little as as £1! 
Below is a break down of the cost of equipment and what we need to raise!
Mr Ghassan has the Dental van but now needs to raise funds for the other things listed below. 

Fully operational mobile dental unit, (incl petrol and servicing dental/mechanical).£42000
Instruments, (incl. Handpieces, forceps, examination equipment etc).               £12000
Sundries, (incl gloves, masks, filling materials, anaesthetics). £12000
 Administration staff, managing the day to day itinerary, dealing with the local authorities.£6000
 Rental of lock up garage, (storing mobile unit and equipment).£2500

Jazakallah khier!

Please, please do share this on your own blogs, on your facebook, google+, You tube, tweet, Instagram ect etc and spread it like wild fire. We really do need a lot of support, without it we can not help these kids and put a Smile back on their face. In Sha Allah you will be rewarded immensely and get the same rewards as Mr Ghassan. 

Again, Please share and donate to this wonderful charity.

I hope you continue to have a blessed Ramadan

Wasalam -x- 

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