Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ramadan Kareem 1434/2013

Asalam Waliykum Sisters- Ramadan Kareem, Only a few days left now!

I know, I am a little ahead of myself. But, it's just around the corner In Sha Allah, on Tuesday.  Soon nearly 2 Billion Muslims will begin fasting during Ramadan, Wow that's a lot of people...
Subhanallah, the year has flown by and the blessed month is upon us once again. Alhamdulillah, I and my family and loved ones have made it another year to see another Ramadan. In Sha Allah we make the most of this Ramadan, and we are permitted to be blessed by this blessed month. 

The most rewarding month of the year, days filled with a sweet struggle and the night full of thankful respite. 
I am so thankful to see another Ramadan, had a very difficult year and this will be a chance to forget my troubles and work hard at being a better Muslimah In Sh Allah and see a better start to the year once the month is over. 
Subhanallah, this time last year I was preparing to visit the scared lands, Mecca and Medina to perform Umrah in the last 10 days, click HERE! to read about my trip and preparation. 

The only time of the year I enjoy eating dates. I don't know what it is but dates don't quite taste the same outside of Ramadan, Subhanallah. Perhaps it is just me? Let me know if you think the same way as I do. 

Do check out my Ramadan Do's and Don'ts and my love of Ramadan that i posted last year. I do not want to rewrite it. So just click HERE and HERE to read it. 

Duas for breaking the fast:
TransliterationAllahumma inni laka sumtu wa bika aamantu [wa 'alayka tawakkaltu] wa ‘ala rizq-ika aftarthu
Source: Abu Dawud

Meaning: The thirst has gone and the veins are quenched, and reward is confirmed, if Allaah wills.

 Zahabadh-dhama'u wabtallatil-'urooqu, wa thabatal-ajru inshaa-Allaahu.
Source: Abu Dawud 2/306, Sahih Al-Jami As Saghir 4/209

Meaning: O Allaah, I ask You by Your mercy which envelops all things, that You forgive me.
Transliteration: Allahumma innee as'aluka bi-rahmatikal-latee wasi'ath kulla shai'in an taghfira lee.
Source: Ibn Majah (1/557)

I would also like to take the opportunity to remind myself and you, of those who are suffering in Muslim lands who may not be able to fast and only work on living another day. Please remember them in your duas this Ramadan, together pray for Allah to alleviate them from their plight, oppression and suffering and Lets not forget our brothers and sisters. 

Have a wonderful and blessed Ramadan from Muslimah In Solace.

Jazakallah khier

Wasalam -x- 

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