Monday, 8 July 2013

Siratt Product Review- Ramadan Edition!

Asalam waliykum, 

Firstly, Sorry I have been so behind on blog posts lately, been enjoying all this lovely weather we are having in the UK. 
On with the show, I will be reviewing a few products I purchased a month ago for Ramadan from the Muslim company Siratt. 

About Siratt: 

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Siratt's determined and dedicated team is driven by a desire to provide our customers with the very best InshaAllah!
We aim to cater for each and every individuals need to obtain high quality Islamic products, which are both exciting, educational and aesthetically pleasing.
Our select product range illustrates our ambition to specialise in the production of totally unique Islamic merchandise.
We have designed each product with a view to increasing and refreshing ones knowledge of Islam hence our slogan - designed to remind.

I will be reviewing 3 products, the Ramadan Booster (£7.95) the Productive Muslim Life Book (13.95) and the Wudu Water bottle (£3.95). 

Came nicely packaged and well presented, also the delivery was super quick and 2 days sooner then expected. Delivery is 3-5 working days and the cost varies, dependent on the value of the goods, so the more you buy the more you will pay for delivery. 

The first item I will review is the Ramadan Booster, what an amazing book for Ramadan. everything you need in one place. A5 size book, with thick plastic cover on the front and back so protects the book nicely. The book is concise and compact, containing things such as Dua, Practical tips, how to use the book, pre Ramadan questionnaire, targets for Ramadan etc, so lots of useful things that you will definitely need.   

Each page has some information on the virtues of Ramadan ranging from who needs to fast, to stories of the prophet and the night journey. Opposite to that is the daily reflection. What you achieved and what you can do to improve. Closer image below:

Overall, I rate the Ramadan Booster really high 10/10 great value for money, well presented, and extremely useful. I am excited to use this. There is a special offer on at the moment if you buy the Ramadan booster you will automatically get a FREE pack of 10 Islamic cards. Great to give to family and friends for Ramadan or Eid Click HERE! to check out the offer. 

The Second Product I will review is the Productive Muslim Life book. Comes in 2 sizes, Pocket book and Desk book. I got the Desk book as I am a typical woman and write loads and write big, just a little humor! Comes in a variety of colours, Unfortunately all sold out, they sell out pretty quick, so you do need to keep checking the website and if you follow on FB you can know sooner.

I use this book a lot and discarded my old diary. Leather bound book with a ribbon book mark. Again like the Ramadan Booster, there are many pages at the start with Dua, Quran, Tips and advice also a section on how to use the lifebook. Really is a life book your worship and daily tasks can be kept in one place.

This is the week view, set over two pages. Space for notes on the left hand side, time slots and below the prayers so you can tick them off as you go and below a section for the top 3-5 tasks religious, mundane and important that need to be done. The quality of the paper is amazing it is very tick and super smooth.  

There are some nice Islamic Photos every now and then that add a unique touch to the Lifebook. 

I rate the book, again high 10/10. Great value for money and it really helps manage my day. If you are like me and need to write down a to do list and needs reminders to stick to a plan then this will be a worthwhile investment. It really has helped organise and manage my day and I have improved in my productivity. It is not for everyone, I know some people just do things from their head. I do reccomend it and I believe it will help increase productivity. 

Third and last product is 'water wudu'. I love my Wudu mate that I showed you guys previously in my Umrah and Hajj what every Muslimah should take, Click HERE! to check it out. However, I wanted to review this one and nothing wrong with having a spare. Nice and compact, and discreet too. I love the little clip, so you can attach it to your bag inside or outside. When folded up it is very small and smaller then the Wudu Mate. It is also easy to use, and to be frank has great accuracy. However, here comes the negative, the white transparent cap is a nightmare to remove and so difficult to take off. Almost tempted to bin the cap! Holds 0.5 litres of water much less then the Wudu Mate a slight negative. I love the colour, and it comes in several other striking colours, Orange, Blue and Green. Plus, It is £1 cheaper then the Wudu Mate, something to think about.

Overall, A quality product with a couple of negatives. But worth buying for convenience and compact design. I rate it 8/10 and recommend this as well as the Wudu Mate. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the Review and have found it somewhat useful. Please like, comment and share with others so they may benefit In Sha Allah. Comment below and leave some feedback and if you have any Q's please feel free to contact me by email, there is a link at the top on the tabs.

Jazakallah khier

Wasalam -x- 

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